Primer: Gaming Can Be Fun For The Entire Family: Here’s How.

Primer: Gaming Can Be Fun For The Entire Family: Here’s How.

Sometimes, when we reach for our game controller – it’s to have a little time to ourselves and shut out the outside world. However, gaming can also be a fun social experience that the whole family can get involved in – especially during the pandemic when it’s getting harder and harder to locate a source of entertainment. As a result, it’s hardly surprising that many of us have been keeping busy with gaming.

With that in mind, here are some ways that you can make gaming a fun experience for the whole family. 

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  • Ensure that everyone has their turn. While you can always play games together, when everyone has different interests – every member of the family must get a chance to take charge. For example, if you share a switch – give each kid an allocated time to play with the device – which should also help put any arguments about sharing at bay. This also means that you get your own playing time too.
  • Don’t forget mobile games and apps. You don’t necessarily have to have the most expensive gaming devices on hand to have fun playing games with your kids. For example, you can download gaming apps such as those provided by PlayPhone – which are specifically designed to entertain and challenge your kids through creative play. You can find more about the services they offer by reading these Playphone reviews
  • Choose age-appropriate games. While you probably cannot wait to introduce your children to your favourite games, you should begin by focusing on family-friendly games that are appropriate for their age group, meaning that everyone can enjoy them when you are playing together. Try to play a variety of games with different focuses – for example, while some should be educational and challenging, others can be played just for the thrill of playing alone. 
  • Host a contest. Bring an extra layer of fun to family games night by turning it into something of a contest. For example, each player receives a certain amount of points when they ‘win’ a game, and the person with the most points at the end of the evening can win a prize. You can make the competition a little fairer by letting each contestant choose a game – so that you can all play to your strengths. This is a great way to encourage your kids to challenge themselves and introduce them to friendly competition. 
  • Play retro games. You can also make gaming fun for the whole family by introducing your kids to your favourite retro games from years gone by. This is a great way to share something you love with them – and will likely keep the entire family entertained for hours – whether you are playing some old-fashioned packman or Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Buy multiple controllers. Multiple controllers mean that multiple people can play at once instead of watching somebody play – which children would likely find a little boring. Furthermore, this means that you can also help your kids out if they are struggling on a certain level or task, working together towards a set goal. 
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