Pearl Abyss announces self-publishing plans for Black Desert Online PC

Pearl Abyss announces self-publishing plans for Black Desert Online PC

Developers of the PC, console, and mobile MMO Black Desert Online Pearl Abyss have announced that they will be taking the publishing rights from Kakao Games in Europe and North America early next year.

To go on top of the publishing announced, the company also dropped details about their entire 2021 roadmap including expansion, PvP modes, as well as a new champion named Nova.

Jeseok Jang, Black Desert’s Head of Game Design, shared a roadmap detailing future plans for the game. Look forward to a plethora of new content across all platforms coming December 22, including:

  • A New Champion Joins the Fray! 
    • Meet Nova,  a strategic frontline fighter and former princess of Calpheon,  wields a morning-star and tower shield to devastating effect, as she fights to reclaim the throne she was once-promised. Nova can summon royal guards from the heart of her shield to defend her or create talons of frost to strike down her foes. Novais the 21st class to join Black Desert Online and Black Desert Console and the 13th class added for mobile
    • While Nova isn’t available to play just yet, Adventurers can start pre-creating their Nova starting on December 15 for mobile, and on the 16th for console and PC.
  • Enter The Great Desert on Black Desert Mobile
    • This new expansion will launch alongside on December 22nd for Black Desert Mobile. The Great Desert expansion is centred around the Black Spirit, an ancient anomaly that crashed into the desert in ancient times. Unique content like excavation that allow Adventurers to discover treasurer in the desert and new mount like the royal elephant and camel will be available on December 22.

Also unveiled are a number of features and game modes coming to Black Desert on multiple platforms in the first half of 2021, including:

  • Black Desert Online and Black Desert Console will launch new PvP content, including massive battles between Calpheon and Valencia, with Adventurers from across all servers able to join the fray. 
  • Additionally, new 10v10 PVP “crew battles” are planned for early 2021. 
  • Upcoming adjustments to Node Wars – a large scale PvP mode where guilds duke it out for territory ownership – will make it so that players can launch right into the mode from their own camp.
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