Opinion: Your biggest worries about The Order 1886 may be right

Opinion: Your biggest worries about The Order 1886 may be right

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  1. the youtube maker is retarded. this may come true and all i know is some 15 minute demo. but it may not come true. nothing but shit journalism and clickbait. fuck off.

    • STFU pony the game is pure garbage just like you

      • Funny cause with your comment the only one that ends up looking like garbage is you xbot, now how about you STFU.

        • “you are flats out wrong” has used his multi accounts to upvote his comment above which is also one of his user names

          • @disqus_Wclo7h9Hi8:disqus

            Funny that name doesn’t appear in the list of upvotes for @ImOnaDrugCalledSheen:disqus got any more wild conspiracy theories or you going to take the tin foil hat off?

      • Notice all the upvotes are by the same people also known as “You are flats out wrong”

      • @x1ultimategamer:disqus

        Do you enjoy sounding like a total retard?

    • Typical fanboy. Always attacking the messenger, never the message. You must also be an Obama supporter since that tactic comes straight out of the Alinsky playbook.

      • @AndrewLB:disqus

        Attack the messenger? So you are suggesting that Game-Smack.net is the epitome of journalistic integrity? πŸ™‚

        Also I am evidence that you don’t have to be an Obama supporter to be interested in this game and the PS4.

  2. Of course they are right. Sony = lies and overhype that underdelivers. They only care about cinematic graphics and not about gameplay. This will be this year’s prime stinker.

    • “Sony = lies and overhype that underdelivers”

      This retard has literally typed this same idiotic nonsense hundreds of times now, man talk about a loser with no life at all. Really he needs to take some time out and learn how to spell.

      • It’s not Lionheart’s fault, it’s difficult for him to think up new gimmicks so he sticks to that one that lets him think he’s witty.

        • HA HA using your MANY user names to upvote yourself again !!!,

          I thought you had stopped doing that since you was outed.

          • Wasn’t outed about anything, friend. Must be that conspiracy ringing in your head. πŸ™‚

      • @ImOnaDrugCalledSheen:disqus

        Yeah he is a very useful idiot (not a cut down it’s a term, Google it). I just don’t understand these people who willingly give up their intellect to become a talking point relay station.

    • Lionheart crawls out of his gutter again.

      • Look at these upvotes, he is using multi user names to upvote HIMSELF.

        • @disqus_Wclo7h9Hi8:disqus

          Where is your evidence?

        • Any proof of that, friend? Looks like this guy voted up a bunch of other people too. πŸ™‚

      • @youareflatoutwrong:disqus

        I have to admit man, it looks pretty odd that you are the ONLY person besides @ImOnaDrugCalledSheen:disqus that has any double digit up-votes.

        You seem to have several of the same up-voters and none of those guys have commented on this article. They just seem to be hanging around waiting for you to post.

        Not accusing you of anything, just asking for your explanation of this phenomenon.

        • Dunno. I see it on a bunch of other comments that aren’t mine too, where I don’t post. Guess someone’s got a sense of justice.

  3. These so called “worries about this and that” must be an American thing, right?

    • No…Its a I busted my ass all day at work and dont wanna waste my money thing !!!!

      • @disqus_wGoLSYX3OC:disqus

        Why would you have to waste any money on a game you don’t like?

        Seriously do you realize how stupid you sound? It’s not like the developers hold guns to people’s heads. You can buy day one sight unseen if you like, or you can wait a bit and see how the game is received.

        If you buy the game and don’t like it you can go to GameStop and generally get top value for games that are less than a week old.

        Furthermore if you don’t have $60 to risk on gaming, perhaps you shouldn’t be buying games to begin with. Try getting a real job. πŸ™‚

    • I guess “not worrying about this and that” must be a Euro/UK thing then? I guess I wouldn’t worry about much either if I had cradle to gave socialist entitlements like you guys get over there.

      Come to think of it, I have a worry for you!!! You know…. the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money. So don’t get too comfortable, since authoritarianism is what’s guaranteed to follow. And remember that it’s the Germans paying Europe’s way, and nationalism is on the rise there. hehe.

      • @AndrewLB:disqus

        Do you really think you are going to shoe-horn any form of substantial political debate in this forum with these mental midgets?

  4. I hope developers don’t rest on their laurels and think that a great looking game will help make a mediocre or crappy game into a game it simply can’t be. Thanks PS4, that shit gets old real quick. Quit blowing yourself with how powerful you are and just make a cool game. And this game plays like shit imo. Recycled and boring gameplay with way too many long talk scenes – its old old school nathan drake. Uncharted 5: Victorian ReSharted

    • Hey man, can I borrow your copy of The Order 1886 please? I’ve been dying to play it, and knowing you’ve played the whole game is great news… I’ll come round tomorrow morning to pick it up, is that okay?

      … Oh, you don’t own the game, nor have you played it, and the only thing you’ve seen is a couple of trailers and fifteen minutes of footage? Then here’s an idea:

      Shut up.

      • Fake upvotes by “you are flats out wrong”

        • @disqus_Wclo7h9Hi8:disqus

          Please show your evidence or SHUT THE FUCK UP already. I have never seen someone who talked so much yet said so little.

  5. Sony – Lets make our games look so great people will buy them, forget about gameplay.
    Nintendo – Lets focus on fun and gameplay
    Xbox – Lets focus on fun and gameplay
    PC – Lets focus on both.

    • We get it, you dont like Sony, good now go F yourself.

      • Fake upvotes by “you are flats out wrong”.

        • @disqus_Wclo7h9Hi8:disqus

          What if they aren’t are you prepared to apologize for your wild claims? πŸ™‚

          Stop acting like you have integrity you have NONE SON!

    • You might have a point if the Xbone had games.

      • More FAKE upvotes by himself.

        • @disqus_Wclo7h9Hi8:disqus

          Maybe you don’t get how this works. Accusations are far more effective when you have evidence to back it up.

        • More conspiracy theories by the Xbots and two votes from Gribble Grunger. Sad. πŸ™‚

      • Sunset Overdrive is highly regarded as one of the best games for this consoles generation.

        I’m sure little gay planet is tons of fun though

        • @XanderZane41:disqus

          Sunset Overdrive has a Metacritic score of 80 and didn’t exactly sell like hotcakes. You are only demonstrating you have no integrity to your words and discrediting yourself.

          Pull your head out of your ass and get some fresh air, will do wonders for your mental capacity.

          • Nothing you say refutes the fact that journalists love the game and still praise it, with articles like “how sunset overdrive saved video games for me”

            No matter how many times you cry “metacritic”, you won’t change that. Talk about mental capacity

            Sincerely, PC Master Race

        • “Highly regarded.” 81 on metacritic compared to 80 for Infamous, and forgotten about a week after release.

          Xbots got them low standards. :^)

          • Yet nearly every journalist review praises ssod and nearly everyone regards infamous as meh

            Probably because PS doesn’t have much of a bar set so their shitty games get a boost from ps4 owners

            You have bloodborne and the last of us. That’s it. Too bad you have to play them on duel shocks

            Sincerely, PC Master Race

          • 81 versus 80, Gazza. Reality =/= your feelings.

            A shame Xbone owners have even less, isn’t it?

            Nice try, looking at your history it’s pretty obvious about your proclivities. :^)

          • Sorry m8, couldn’t hear you over the sound of universal praise sunset overdrive is still getting from gaming journalist community or the sound of someone trying to cite a single source to refute that.

            It’s all g though, m8. Soon you’ll have a b rated movie you can qte button press to when prompted.

            Enjoy the Order.

            Sincerely, PC Master Race



          • You mean the sound of nothing as Sunset Overhype came and went without anyone really caring a whole lot.

            Unfortunately for your Xbot delusion, it appears that SO sank a point since I last looked. “Universal praise” yet that score keeps dropping!

            Sincerely, decent folk. :^)

          • Yep, journalist are still praising it.

            But don’t worry, theyre talking about the order too. Lol and how utterly horrible it looks

            Sincerely, PC Master Race

          • Praising it so hard the metascore goes down. That’s some next level praise.

            Keep up the shilling. πŸ™‚

          • Lol thought I’d just share my lavish gaming lifestyle for you peasantstation fanboys


            I own every console, and as you can see, my ps3 is connected while my ps4 is out collecting dust and begging someone to play it.


            And here, this is a true battle station. This rig is worth more than your car. Gaming on 4k with more fps than you could ever hope to experience

            Sincerely, PC Master Race

          • An Xbot’s an Xbot regardless of his Imgur uploads. :^)

            Xbone has no games. πŸ™‚

          • And a Peasantstation fanboy is still a peasant no matter how hard he has to fight to defend his shit console (^:

            Its funny because I have all the consoles, including a PS4, and all you have is twitch.

            Did you like my gaming rig that has video cards worth more than your home? Maybe in 50 years Sony will release a console with specs as good as mind, if they’re still around with how much money they’re hemorrhaginghemorrhaging lololol.

            Sincerely, PC Master Race.

          • Sssssh, it’s OK, the Xbone will get a game one day. Yet another churned out Forza is just around the corner! Maybe.

        • You may make fun of LBP but as of Oct 2014 it was announced that there was over 9 Million LittleBigPlanet Community Levels!

          LBP got 95% on meta / LBP 2 got 91% / LBP 3 got 79% while Sunset Overdrive got 80% so only 1% in rating between the two games lol.

          • Oh, its a great game
            If you’re 8

            Sincerely, PC Master Race

          • Really LOL. Some of the levels made are insane and yet age has no limitations when fun is all what matters

          • Yeah I’m sure they’re “insane”.

            If you’re 8

            Sincerely, PC Master Race

        • That’s a cute opinion.

          Predicting the disappointments of 2015: Fable Legends, Halo 5, Rise of the Tomb Raider. Maybe Quantum Break if the TV show gimmick is bad.

          • Nah, just the Order

          • You wish. On the plus side, PC gamers get to taste the shit that’ll be Fable Legends now.

          • http://www.craveonline.com/gaming/articles/825503-order-1886-drops-ps4s-average-metascore-xbox-ones

            “ItΒ was supposed to be PlayStation 4’s biggest exclusive that finally entered the market as Sony’s must-have title. On a console starved for decent exclusives,Β The Order: 1886Β was supposed to be the saving grace. By all accounts, though, Ready at Dawn’s new IP will be saving no one.”


          • Crave Online? That known Shitbox shill outfit? Cute.

            “On a console starved for decent exclusives” would be the Xbone. http://i7.minus.com/iQkZCWybl7GDn.png


          • Caps lock is cruise control for cool.

            Sadly that esteemed distinction is reserved for Ryse. πŸ™‚

          • The Order: 1886 – Review: http://youtu.be/tgjO7b_ApB0

            “The order is just….. Boring”


          • That’s nice. Should I post the good reviews it got? Which currently is far more than Ryse got.


          • “Trump card?” This is just another exclusive in a field of them this year, Xrat. PS4 doesn’t need trump cards like the dying, irrelevant Xbone does. “Wait for E3!!!” Sure. πŸ™‚


          • You’re the one on the all caps, moron. πŸ™‚


          • Keep up the all caps, retard. Shitbox Done. πŸ™‚


          • If I wanted to do that I’d get an Xbone. πŸ™‚


          • Xbone doesn’t have anything. πŸ™‚


          • Still all caps. Shitbox Done has no games. Deal with it. πŸ™‚


          • Caps lock is still cruise control for cool. πŸ™‚

          • http://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-4/the-order-1886

            Sunset Overdrive PWNS the Order so hard on Metacritic lololololol
            Playstation exclusives suck

          • You might have a point if they were similar, Xbox rat. Put it next to the most similar game, Ryse and it gets crushed.

            But let’s not just restrict it there. Let’s look at the five highest rated retail exclusive games.

            Infamous Second Son 80
            Killzone Shadow Fall 73
            Drive Club 71
            The Order 1886 65
            Knack 54

            Sunset Overdrive 81
            Forza Motorsport 5 79
            Killer Instinct 73
            Kinect Sports Rivals 60
            Fighter Within 23

            PS4 Metacritic average 68.8
            Shitbox Metacritic average 63.2



          • Never defended this game except for the moronic crap about length. What mattered was gameplay and it looks like The Order didn’t deliver. Ah well.

            Keep being mad the Shitbox Done has no games. πŸ™‚


          • Keep screaming, bitchboy. πŸ™‚


          • But I’m not talking about the Disaster Chief Collection. πŸ™‚


          • Keep up the caps lock, loser. πŸ™‚


          • Ssssh, it’s OK. You’ll get a game soon. πŸ™‚


          • Not exclusive. Keep up the caps lock. πŸ™‚


          • Oh right, “Microsoft exclusive.” There’s that phrase rats are so fond of.

            Keep waiting for games. πŸ™‚

          • Gonna keep spamming that, caps lock boy? πŸ™‚

          • Keep spamming it, doesn’t hide the fact the Xbone is garbage. πŸ™‚

          • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qy6NHKDh-Mo
            “4 out of 10 fuck this game” Angry Joe

          • Spam spam spam, it’s all Xtards are capable of. How’s that 71 meta only retail exclusive of the first half of the year Screamride doing? πŸ™‚

          • Keep spamming. :^)

          • Keep spamming. How’s Screamride? Dat Xbone lineup!

          • lol, the order. AAA much needed exclusive for the ps4 stale vault and it sucks lol.

            should i post another fresh video review link so that you can call it spam as well?

          • “Much needed?” Plenty of games already, most of them better than the Xbone’s shite. πŸ™‚

          • that’s not just my opinion, its the opinion of every game journalist out there. what little the ps4 has, they suck.

            now, how about a new video reviewing the order? :))


          • “They suck” and it’s still better than the Xbone’s piss weak line up. :^)

          • lol you keep saying that yet can’t back it up. i have 30 games installed on my xbox, and none of them use qte on the only two boss fights or get reviews like this

            https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgjO7b_ApB0 “the dullest game possible” lolol :)) smiley faces don’t hide your fanboy rage

            sincerely, pc master race.

          • Check the metacritic averages for 2013 and 2014. MS destroyed.

            In fact, check the averages for all exclusives, full and platform, lined up against each other. Xbone destroyed every time.

            Shitbox Done has no games. πŸ™‚

          • check the metacritic for the order lol. look at you trying so hard to deflect.

            take a screenshot of all your games on ps4, and i’ll take one of mine on xbox. guarantee i have more than triple your games. in fact, i bet you don’t even have a ps4

          • Check the metacritic for Screamride, Fighter Within, Ryse and Kinect Sports Rivals and get back to me. Xbone games are terrible. End of story. πŸ™‚

          • The Order 1886 is terrible end of story lol πŸ™‚
            Lets compare games. Post a pic of your PS4 and the games you have. I’ll post a pic of my PS4 AND my Xbox One. Bet you I have more games on my Xbox one than you do on your PS4

          • i gave you a whole day to post your ps4 games. lol, you don’t have a ps4 do you? well guess what, i do. lol all this ps4 whiteknighting and you dont even own one.

          • I don’t see why I have to justify my taste in games to you. Just know that I have more and better games to choose from than you, and your gimped little cable box is finished. :3

          • actually my 4k gaming pc says otherwise. also having a ps4 and an xbox one on top of a gaming pc shows that my selection and library is far superior to yours.

            but its cool, i wasn’t expecting you to post a pic of your ps4 or games, because its obvious you don’t have one. feel free to prove me wrong :3

          • Yeah, that 4K PC. Did it cost $12,000 like nxtgen720p’s? Hahahahahaha!

            Jog on, Xbox rat, no one’s impressed. πŸ™‚

          • What’s that? Yes, yes I do have more games than you. Thanks for noticing.

          • And none of them on the Xbone. :^)

          • and one of them a ps4 :^)

          • That you can play games on, unlike the Xbone. :^)

          • i have over 30 games i can play on my xbone :^) i have every ps4 exclusive aside from the order, which i rented and sent back the next day, and they’re all boring :^)

            post a pic of your ps4

          • On PC and 360 as well, no doubt. :^)

            Keep deflecting, Xbot, the Shitbox Done has no games. :^)

          • i have over 30 games installed on my xbox one :^) keep deflecting that i have more games on my xbox one than you do on ps4 because you don’t have a ps4 :^)

            keep deflecting that you don’t have a ps4 :^)

            lol ori and the blind forest is better than the order lolol

          • 30 games, which of course are mediocre at best to show support for your dying, beleaguered brand. I love it.

            Ori is the Xbone’s best game and it’s A) on PC, B) one of those artsy 2D side scrollers Xbots hate and C) not over 90 on Meta. What a disaster. πŸ™‚

          • Lol “not even 90 on Meta”
            The Order is 65 HHAHAAHA

            Mediocre? You’re confusing Xbox games for Killzone, KNACK, LBP and Infamous LOL

            Post a pic of your PS4

          • http://www.craveonline.com/gaming/articles/825503-order-1886-drops-ps4s-average-metascore-xbox-ones

            “It was supposed to be PlayStation 4’s biggest exclusive that finally entered the market as Sony’s must-have title. On a console starved for decent exclusives, The Order: 1886 was supposed to be the saving grace. By all accounts, though, Ready at Dawn’s new IP will be saving no one.”


          • Yep, can’t play them on Xbox One. Because Xbox has standards and doesnt allow shit games like the Order or Killzone or Infamous or Knack to be played on it : (
            AANNNDDD lol that’s all the exclusives for ps4

          • “Standards.”

            Too funny mate. πŸ™‚

          • One glance at that and I saw Deadrising 3 at 50. One quick search on Meta and its way over 50. In fact, it’s WAY over the Order LOL.

            It’s cool, you have resorted to lying because the system you fanboy over has shit games.

            Too bad you don’t own a ps4 :^)

    • “Xbox – Lets focus on fun and gameplay”

      Ok, lets correct that…

      ♦XBOX – Lets make our games look so great people will buy them, forget about gameplay = Ryse: Son Of Rome.

      • Ryse isnt made by MS, The Order is made by Sony. /facepalm

        • I posted ( Xbox ) not MS☺☺ same as you did☺☺

          • Doesn’t matter MS or Xbox don’t make Ryse.

          • Sony published 1886 not made it themselves as that was *Ready At Dawn* together with Sony Santa Monica so your point is?

            Ryse was made by Cytek and published by MS.

          • Ready at Dawn is under Sonys umbrella just like Evolutions Studio and Naughty Dog while Crytek is just a 3rd party company doing what they do best. Theres a difference

          • @failz:disqus

            Sony has far more success with first party and second party studios than MS has ever had. When MS bought Rare, there was a talent exodus. MS buys out exclusives because of their lack of being able to nurture studios beyond the one making Halo.

            Please just shut up already you are only showcasing ignorance and a lack of intelligence.

          • *Sonys best studio was a company they brought out in 2001, ever heard of Naughty Dog?
            *Look what happen to Bungie when they left MS.
            *Ever heard of Turn 10? Formed in house.
            *looks like your the one lacking intelligence, I recommend you do some research before trying to smack talk.
            Enough said. Now go back to playing Knack

          • @failz:disqus

            You may want to reconsider quitting school. Your English comprehension is piss poor at best. Sony has had more success with first party and second party studios than MS. That is why Sony rarely pays for an exclusive from a third party studio. I am repeating myself here, so keep up, I will try to go a little slower to make sure this meets your reading comprehension level.

            I am well aware of Naughty Dog and bringing up Naughty Dog only strengthens my argument. Naughty Dog didn’t have an exodus of talent the way Rare did, there are some people at Naughty Dog that have been there since the Crash days.

            I am the one using complete sentences and actually explaining my thoughts in grammatically correct English and you are going to suggest that I am the one who lacks intelligence. I have likely forgotten more about the game industry than you have ever known. So kindly go choke on your manhood and STFU, you don’t know what you are talking about because you are so blinded by your OBVIOUS BIAS. Your words have ZERO INTEGRITY, because you are a person of ZERO INTEGRITY.

            The Failz name fits perfectly for you, likely the same way your parents feel about you. πŸ™‚

          • Lol what? Sony has had more success with 1st and 2nd party companies?? It took Sony 2 full generations to get there games right and still they make low par games. I owned a PS1 and PS2 and Sony games were some of there worst games iv seen. It took MS 1 generation and they already own the best FPS game, the best racing sim for the past 10 years and one of the best action cover games of all time.

            All Sony offer are 3rd party games with lots of JRPGs while Xbox and Nintendo have the best games of the genres. You can defend Sony all you want, they buy out companies just as much and 3rd party games like Street Fighter, why because they can’t make there own fighting game.

            Keep living off those lies Sony promise, that 1080p killzone law case is quite funny and stupid at the same time. Sony know how yo win over the idiots. Well done.

          • Ready At Dawn isn’t owned by SCE, genius.

            Good to see you living up to your user name again.

          • Ryze was a launch title. 1886 is a PS trend.

          • And what does that have to do with both games using QTE exactly?

          • Youre really bad at critical thinking, aren’t you?

            Sincerely, PC Master Race

          • Not really, just good at putting points across that matters I guess☺

          • Yet you can’t figure out the obvious point made

        • @failz:disqus

          Ryse was made by Crytek under direction from MS (isn’t it obvious they wanted a God of War game too). Ready At Dawn created the Order Sony is publishing it.

      • I think you mean killzone

      • Xbox :let’s focus on a precision controller, servers that allow competitive gameplay and don’t get shut down for a month from ddos attacks, and listen to the community so we can change our policies to what our player base wants

        PS4 : let’s make movies where you hit a button or two every now and then

        • ((((( From the Lizard Squard interview, 25 12 2014…..”When asked which
          company was easier to bring down, Microsoft was the immediate response.

          ♦♦They commented that Sony had recently upgraded their security, via a new system we will not mention here, which took a bit of time to work around, but that Microsoft simply had the poorest security – β€œalmost nothing”….”♦♦ )))))

          Again that quote from Lizard squad = “that Microsoft simply had the poorest security – β€œalmost nothing”” And I’m sure they would know about that one.

          PSN hasn’t been down for a month from any DOS attack, or Intrusion, and Sony always takes note of the community ( for good and bad ). Yet MS didn’t listen that good to their community of gamers as Xbox controllers STILL need AA Batteries for a start ( Sooo last gen ) while Sony changed not only the PS Controller for the gamers but the whole console architecture because developers and gamers requested easier to use architecture for PS4 as well as gamer friendly RAM☺

          • Then why is Sony consistently down longer after a ddos attack? Not to mention the shit servers that make Sony unplayable for competitive shooters which is why Xbox will always be home for MLG competitions for games like cod.

            Ps4 controller battery life is atrocious. Xbox players have the choice between a battery pack or batteries, which have a longer life than ps4. Not to mention when the ps controller battery goes out you either need to open up the controller and replace it or buy a whole new controller which is retarded. I have a boneyard of PlayStation controllers I can take a picture of to show just how many controllers I’ve gone through because they’re cheap pieces of shit. Either way it doesn’t refute the fact that Xbox has has continuously changed their policy and UI based on consumer demand.

            Microsoft also throws money at developers to help them understand esram which is a new technology that devs didn’t like at first, but with Microsoft’s support are starting to appreciate and see the power behind it. Something Sony can’t do because Sony as a corporation is hemoraging money through several of their departments and can’t afford to support devs a fraction of what MS can. Which is probably why PS is limited to b rated movies with occasional button pressing and calling it a game.

            Its hilarious that you think the PlayStation is a good console. I have a 5 year old Asus laptop that can run games faster, higher fps and better textures than the gaystation. But I guess you’ll just have to deal with you peasant console that cost less than my GPU.

            Sincerely, PC Master Race

          • And after everything you posted PS4 is STILL outselling Xbone and pricing / servers / hasn’t really got anything to do with it☺

            Microsoft has been playing catch-up ever since PS4 got released. So in the here and now ( present ) PS4 is the peoples gaming choice as not only has it got more games than Xbone ( although both have games coming soon ) a study has shown that PS4 games also got rated higher when compared to Xbone games, and gamers just liked the PS4 more than Xbone.

            Most highest rated games = PS4
            Most worldwide sales = ps4
            Most USA sales = PS4
            Most UK sales = PS4
            Most supported console by developers = PS4
            Most third party sales = PS4.

            I could go on but what’s the point.

            XBL didn’t take one day to recover fully from ddos. It was all over the place for days. yet the people that took both networks out stated that ( Microsoft simply had the poorest security – β€œalmost nothing)

            See yourself… https://downdetector.co.uk/problems/xbox-live/archive

          • I’d be as salty as you too if the best games on my console were b rated movies with qte or had servers that wouldn’t allow me to play online competitively.

            I’m wondering if using your little gay controller with a 2 hour battery life is causing you to be this homo?

            Sincerely, PC Master Race

          • So when facts are brought into matters to show you what you stated was incorrect all you can do is post back nonsense. Typical really.☺

          • Lol nothing you said disproved anything, you didn’t even respond. You just said “sales” 7 different times.

            You didn’t mention trends that show Xbox outselling ps4 in recent months though.

            Lol you ignored everything, spouted “SALES SALES” and then projected on to me “ignore&nonsense, typical”

            Sincerely, PC Master Race

          • Xbone didn’t outsell PS4 in Worldwide Sales ( only in some countries ) LOL

          • Wut?
            U retarded son?

          • In other words Xbone didn’t out sell PS4 ( in any month regarding worldwide sales ) Xbone only outsold PS4 in one or two countries for the months of November / December ( but PS4 sold more in November / December in worldwide sales )

            PS4 still has the cumulative lead in the US and UK even when Xbone sold more than PS4 in those two months ( due to PS4 outselling Xbone for 10 months straight in those regions ), PS4 still has the cumulative lead in worldwide sales.

          • Yes? and like I stated “PSN hasn’t been down for a month from any DOS attack, or Intrusion”

            The total PSN outage lasted 23 days not a month.( Your own link shows that to be correct LOL )

            The attacks occurred between April 17 and April 19, 2011 ( years ago ) forcing Sony to turn off the PlayStation Network to protect it’s network and it’s users.

            MS knew about XBL account jacking ( Jacking ) and done nothing about it for years. It was proven that XBL accounts were vulnerable when MS’s own workers had their accounts jacked ( shown on youtube ) to prove once and for all it wasn’t the gamers fault but MS.

            XBL has been JACKED since day one regarding XBL accounts, and the jackers have been spending XBL points with stolen C-Card information gained from those jacked accounts.

            You may believe that XBL is more secure BUT like I stated ( tell that to a 5yr old ) that exposed how easy it was to get into someones XBL account ( using just a 360 console ) ☺

            Now that is NOT a petty phishing scam is it. It’s a flaw in XBL security ( which MS admitted and then patched it ) once exposed to the news. ( been that way since 360 released and got patched in april 2014 ) How many YEARS was that security flaw in XBL running for LMAO!

          • 77 million accounts on psn compromised. Lololol that security though

          • Every XBL account could be jacked ( as a 5yr old proved ) so no need for a network intrusion to steal accounts. And you bring up PSN security.. http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/gaming/microsoft-thanks-5yearold-for-exposing-xbox-live-password-flaw-9239295.html

            From 77 million accounts ( more than XBL ) jumping to 110 million accounts after the intrusion = good for Sony ( and over twice the accounts of XBL )

            Yet it still proves that PSN has NOT been down for a month like people stated from DDos or any other reason for a matter of fact. And it still shows that Lizard Squad told the world that Microsoft simply had the poorest security – “almost nothing” when compared to Sonys network.

            But what you now know in this year alone ( 13 days into the new year ) XBL has had more problems than both PSN and Steam.

          • Lol 77 million accounts

    • Oh right like Ryse and Mario rehash number 30. XD

    • @failz:disqus

      Sony – Lets nurture talent first hand with a wide variety of first & second party studios.

      Nintendo – Lets focus on trying to get people to use weird controllers every generation.

      Xbox – Let’s buy exclusives because we don’t have the best history with first & second party studios. Oh and Money Money Money Money Money. πŸ™‚

      PC – Have you guys played with Windows 8 tiles yet? It’s pretty cool. As a machine I am more suited for MS Word and PhotoShop, but I can play games too! Hope you like cheaters!

      Tablet – You can have fun playing me for 2 minutes but then you got to buy something.

    • Or make a handheld console (the PSP), hardly release any games for it and sell 80 million units. Then release another one (the Vita) and you guessed it, hardly release any games for it. Only Sony can get away with that.

  6. The game is fuckin rip off of Gears and looks like shit and plays like it too

    • come on now…looks like shit?? name any game that looks better than this?? your over top fella

      • You mean any other game with half the screen hidden by borders like this one.

        • ffs REGARDLESS of the hidden borders! the fucking question stands! name a game that looks better!!! people like you who side step questions to try look smart with some sort of witty remark are just soo stupid! how about you do both! answer the QUESTION AND put up your BS witty remark..? but you cant can you because the game looks that good right..?

          • It looks like every game on lowest settings on my PC. Lol peasant

            Sincerely, PC Master Race

          • may i have proof of this please..? :).. if not shut the fuck up, thanks

            Sincerely The Prince

          • Sure. Spend a few hundred years shoveling shit and sweeping dirt floors in your 3rd world shit hole until you can afford an entry level GPU and experience it yourself lolol@prince

            Sincerely, PC Master Race

          • lool.. im from London UK little man, chill the fuck out you aren’t witty or funny lol… im British, wit is what we do kid, so behave. So basically you have no proof so its fine, you may leave now.

          • Lol I don’t think Paki’s are considered British.

            Sincerely, PC Master Race

          • 1. im not Pakistani, 2. thats hella racist! lool, 3 you clearly dont know what being british is.. 4. if you represent the “PC master race” its people like you that make everyone hate PC gamers…

          • i beg you kill yourself

    • @x1ultimategamer:disqus

      No one is making an issue of the graphics. Graphically the game is a stunner, anyone who suggests otherwise is obviously being a biased twit.

  7. I am a Ps4 fanboy in a lot on ways…I do expect my games to be 1080p . I on the other hand am very worried about this game, I wont lie and let the pride I have for my console get the best of me!!! I have seen nothing but qte and tiny gameplay through interactive movie so far…I have preordered and paid off in full since day one on this game….yet I dont know If I am going to pick it up yet? point and click games like the back to the future, walking dead,etc…are $10-15 dollar games to me..not even a game. More Like movies you can click on. I am not paying $60 plus tax for a movie!!!! -those games are just not my cup of tea! I have to feel theres a playthrough plus, interaction, i control my characters movements and destiny and i have to be immersed in the story with options through out that I command !!! I am hoping this is like gears war for PS4 !!! So far I know Bloodborne will not let me down in March-I have seen many videos on its game play and thats farther away than this even ! My hard earned money is important to not waste and even If I am a die hard Sony fan I am still not gonna waste my money!!!

    • @disqus_wGoLSYX3OC:disqus

      You have seen less than 30 minutes of the game. They haven’t even revealed the supernatural enemies yet. What they have shown seems to be very early in the narrative and I bet some of what has been played has been the “soft” tutorial levels.

      I think it looks good overall and I can’t wait to see the finished product so I have have a more informed opinion.

      • I really hope youre right. It does look amazing, but not the gameplay…..

        • @disqus_wGoLSYX3OC:disqus

          Ready At Dawn isn’t some hack studio that is just relying on a name or an IP. They actually have to impress us.

  8. Looking for quick easy hits I see.

  9. These guys are trying so hard to make people not like this game, its funny these closet xbot “journalists” must really fear this game, LOL. No worries here Jason, I’m used to these sad attempts by you and your fellow troll bots.

    • This game sounds like DriveClub, all looks and nothing more. Enjoy your soulless games, id rather watch a movie.

      • clearly you haven’t played DC… because nearly everyone that has seems to put it up there with one of their favourite racers! but of course you just head over to N4G to listen to bad news and think thats the general consensus and the truth! soulless game my ass, this game is BURSTING with personality

        • Lol, no

          • lol no what…. you’re an idiot who hasn’t played DC or just tryna show your lack of humour..?

          • Lol no, its no ones favorite racer. Everyone hates it.

            Sorry you don’t have the critical thinking skills to comprehend simple responses.

            Sincerely, PC Master Race

          • someone CLEARLY doesn’t know what the word ‘Everyone’ means, dumbass… does PC even have an exclusive racing series..? for you to try and be relevant to this convo..? :S lol

          • Yeah, no one likes Drive Club

            Its a piece of shit

            Lol@asking about PC exclusives. What a peasant. You sound like you’re from some 3rd world shit hole, I bet you don’t even own a gaming system

            Sincerely, PC Master Race

      • @failz:disqus

        Just picked up DriveClub and it’s a pretty amazing racing game with the patches.

        Go on and tell us more of your opinions on games you never played. πŸ™‚

        • Lol I dont need to play a Forza Killa (bahaha) I own the real thing.

          DC lacks so much its quite pathetic but of course Sony fanboys will claim it greatness because its the only racer they have. I actually feel sorry for you.

          • You’re accusing others of being a fanboy yet you’re exhibiting fanboyism quite well.

          • @failz:disqus

            Your opinion lacks any integrity, you have admitted to never playing the game so you don’t know what you are talking about. It seems to me that you don’t let ignorance get in the way of your constant flapping of your pie hole.

            At the moment no console has a plethora of games. It’s still fairly early in the cycle you dumbass.

            Why don’t you share your uninformed opinions with your friends, but I am assuming you actually have some. Given the level of charisma and charm you have demonstrated here, I am sure people rightfully avoid you like the plague.

      • Driveclub ending up being amazing after the patches. Enjoy brooding over the good games PS4 players play. While we also enjoying the jawdropping graphics.

        • I’ve played DC. It’s an average racing game. The A.I. isn’t that great. The controls are decent though, but the car engines sound weird on some cars. It’s an ok game, but still missing a lot of content and modes. Horizon 2 is on a complete different level then DriveClub. There are tons of things to do in Horizon 2. Car modifications and the online racing is incredible in an Open World. You actually race against other gamers to the starting line in an open world. So you can drive anywhere you like. You have a limited time to get there and the 1st person there wins and get the cash and XP. You can’t do anything like that in DC. There are weather affects that occur dynamically while you race as well.

          • @XanderZane41:disqus

            If you calling DriveClub an average racer you haven’t played it. DriveClub doesn’t do car mods in order to balance the online multiplayer. DriveClub’s AI is decent and they don’t seem to cheat. DriveClub has multiplayer support too, anyone who has played the game knows that.

            Given that you haven’t said 1 good thing about PlayStation I don’t believe you own a PS4 and I don’t believe you have played DriveClub. Feel free to prove otherwise.

          • Most people probably just have higher standards than you. Lol@driveclub

          • @XanderZane41:disqus

            You have proven you will say anything just to be a difficult asshole. How can you tear your self away from your PC if the gaming is that good? That’s the thing I don’t get about you PC asshats. You speak of the PC as the best place to game, yet you seem to find time to come to articles where console players are having a discussion and insert an opinion that no one cares about here.

            Fuck off already.

          • Every now and then I go to the console projects and throw some loose change into your peasant cups. Helps me cope with my privileged crossfired 290x i7 lifestyle so I don’t feel so guilty knowing you have so little. But, I was speaking in terms of racers. Sure, Drive Club is great… if the only racer you’ve ever played is Cruising USA. For people with standards, there is Forza

            Sincerely, PC Master Race

      • May as well do, Failz, you haven’t got any games coming up soon. πŸ™‚

        • You haven’t had any for a year so I don’t see it’s a problem or was it a problem ?.

          • Got as many AAAs as the Xbone got last year, friend. You were saying? πŸ™‚

    • Robotic animation, stiff hairs and mustaches, QTE, lack of variety, QTE, dull colorless-art direction, simple mechanics, QTE, soul-less facial animation, QTE, no fart simulation, empty london, QTE, nonsensical story, weighless big weapons, QTE, 30fps even at cropped resolution, and so much MORE.

      So Yes, people have full rights to dislike your favorite game. Lil’ ponnies like you are funny.

      • @disqus_60gPpSgN4n:disqus

        We have seen like 15-25 minutes of the game, I am not of the opinion that anyone is really qualified to say the game sucks at this point. Sure it is your typical corridor shooter (looks like there is a little “width” in the level design), but that alone isn’t a reason to crap on the game. So far I kind of like what they are doing with QTEs in this title, they seem to really blend the cut scenes right into the action. Which gives the cut-scenes more of a purpose and allows them to flush out the story in a slightly more interactive manner.

        It’s not that PlayStation fans can’t withstand criticism, we were the target of mass criticism the day the Xbox 360 came out, and that never really ended. It just seems that some Xbox and PC fans can’t stand the fact that Sony is doing quite well with the PS4 and they seem hell bent on diminishing any press that comes out about the PS4. The guys at Ready At Dawn aren’t a huge team and they are talented.

        The very nature of your nit-picking about this game only showcases your inability to be objective about any PlayStation subject matter. When the game comes out and it is universally panned by the critics you may have a point, but at the moment there really hasn’t been enough shown about the game for anyone to come to a conclusion about unless they aren’t a fan of shooters. I don’t even think we have seen the supernatural enemies.

        Dragon’s Dogma used a letter box format and that didn’t prevent it from being an amazing game. Stop being needlessly provocative, why don’t you try having a discussion for once instead of force feeding everyone your opinion and masquerading it as facts?

        • Uh, no, the order looks like shit. Apparently its fine to say Uncharted 4 looks great, based off 15 minutes, but youre not allowed to use 15 minutes of gameplay to have an opinion on 1886.

          There is no way 1886 is going to have multiple mechanics through out the game. This demo isn’t going to be the only qte part of the game. This has nothing to do with hating Sony, it has to do with not being a moron and facing the obvious.

          I loved the last of us. I’m going to love bloodborne. I’ll probably enjoy uncharted 4. 1886 looks like complete fucking garbage.

          Sincerely, PC Master Race

      • Wow you’re an idiot. You mentioned QTE everywhere in that statement. I’ve played the demo TWICE. once at PSE and once at the Road to Greatness Tour. Both had different demos. Only twice was I ever asked to do a QTE which was in a cinematic. it’s not Ryse where you can use a QTE on every single enemy. Moron.

        • That’s a lie

          • That’s a cute opinion. I bet you got excited typing that out. You’re more than welcome to provide links/proof/facts that there is a lot of QTE in The order: 1886 – you can’t. Not a single gameplay video has more than 2 in it…and it’s during cut scene cinematics. Why refute relaity?

          • Actually this video is full of qte

            Lol you’re delusional

            Sincerely, PC Master Race

          • Who said I was a console guy? I’m just pointing out your stupidity and it shows greatly. Sorry but I’m a PC guy, too many of you “pc masterrace” morons think you know everything. Sadly you know nothing. The video ONLY shows 1 QTE in it and at that it’s optional. How retarded are you…please off yourself. Submit to depression.

          • Lol, dude, its nothing BUT qte. You just lost all credibility. You definitely don’t own a PC

            Sincerely, PC Master Race

          • I don’t own a PC, yet I linked my PC specs in the picture and it even has my invoice and purchase numbers. ha you’re funny. Denial?

          • No you didn’t.
            Sincerely, PC Master Race

          • Delusional crybaby pretending to be a pc master race guy. I’m sorry denial is hard for you. Enjoy facts.

          • Yep, nothing. Lol console peasant

            Sincerely, PC Master Race

          • the patheticness is strong in you.

    • So if a Sony game doesn’t come out shining it’s the journalists fault ? You Sony fanboy’s make me laugh and cringe at the same time.

      This game was already delayed for a feason was that the journalists fault or the devs ?.

      • @disqus_Wclo7h9Hi8:disqus

        When someone is suggesting the game is crap based on less than 30 minutes of actual gameplay that isn’t a ringing endorsement of objectivity. These “show demos” are generally months old and often some of the things that people have been complaining about have already been addressed.

        @ImOnaDrugCalledSheen:disqus isn’t suggesting that it is the journalists fault that this game isn’t “coming out shining”. He is saying many low-quality websites like this one do not have the integrity to actually report on things and see the need to insert bias. This is either an attempt to drum up more page views or the author is just very young and naive, likely doesn’t understand the need to point out his opinion and speculation.

        Just as people have the right to b!tch about games, people have a right to b!tch about the talentless people who have deemed themselves some kind of video game expert just by virtue of having an internet connection.

      • Nice conspiracy. Meanwhile there’s Gribble Grunger upvoting your post twice.

        Glass houses much, friend? πŸ™‚

    • just let the haters hate. their xbox one won’t sell more because of that.
      they’ve been swallowing 900 and 720p craap since one year, Assassin creed unity poor designed-poor engine game runs at 27 fps on x1, vs 25 fps on ps4, during a few seconds, and there you have, thousands of websites claiming “yeah, you see, Unity runs much better on the xbox one, a true evidence that the xbox one will be as powerful as the ps4, and games will look as good, or even better”. LOL, what can we do make them stop crying ?

      do you remember last gen, where the ps3 games would be looked through a microscope, so the journalists could spot 1 or 2 bad textures, and declare the x360 version the version people should buy ? do you remember all the reviews, where the x360 would always get + .1 point, like a 9/10, instead of the 8.9/10 on the ps3 ?
      do you remember all the doom and gloom articles telling people they shouldn’t buy this or that sony game-device, 2 years before the release ? a game would just start being made, and there were already 1000 websites, explaining why that game would flop, why it would be a big shiit, etc..?
      do you remember that ?
      well, the same shiity disgusting people are still here, doing their best to bash sony.
      there isn’t a day without 50 articles like this, always negative stuff regarding sony or the ps4 or ps4 games. every single day, there are people trying to generate more and more hate.
      drake keeps falling on the uncharted 4 demo ? take another 200 articles that will bash the game, say the game is flawed, etc.
      really, what a bunch of disgusting virgin kids.

      though, halo anniversary has its online totally broken, the online game can’t be played online, despite a 20gb patch, that solves nothing, people bought the game to play online, but nobody can play online, it simply doesn’t work.

      and guess what ? the disgusting young pro-xbox priicks still gave the game 9’s and 10/10, despite the online being totally broken. double standard, as usual.

      driveclub online didn’t work 100% flawlessly at launch ? ohh my God, it’s the end of the world. today, everything works great, even better than what it was supposed, and guess what ? nobody even say a word about it, about the amazing weather effects, and the pro-xbox websites don’t even update their 5/10 reviews.

      wanna know which websites are pro-xbox ?
      just go to metacritics, find all the sub 8/10 scores, check their reviews. if they haven’t updated anything, with the new weather effects, etc, you can be sure that website is full of biased pro-xbox craapy people.

      so sad.

      • Didn’t even bother to read all that fanboy rubbish but the latest PS4 games now dropping to 25 FPS on the PS4 because of it’s weak CPU bottleneck is the only answer you need.

        • i LOVE how idiots like you seem to talk shit about Driveclub being closed circuit, ITS CALLED A FUCKING DESIGN CHOICE!!! its NOT a limitation! ffs not every racer is supposed to be open world! Tbh ive been sick of open world racers and a lot of others are too! so calm the eff down man

          • You don’t get it, when Forza 5 came out and done 1080p and 60 FPS all the same fanboys posting about framerates here were the ones who also said –
            “Ahh but Forza 5 is only doing 1080p and 60 FPS because it’s a CLOSED CIRCUIT driving game and any console is going to do that”

            But they were wrong.

          • im a driving game enthusiast, so i CERTAINLY wasn’t one of those guys lol.. im a Playstation-Fanboy but im a gamer FIRST!! and i think all Forza’s from Forza 3 are great games, (i thought the original wasn’t a good game, the second was a meh game, but 3 was fantastic), and if those fools were doing that then no need to reciprocate the ignorance, dont ya think..?

          • Cool man. They made a “design choice” to make a shitty game. It’s cool bro, its cool. Chill. No one is judging you.

            Sincerely, PC Master Race

        • @disqus_Wclo7h9Hi8:disqus

          I am confident that the developers can find ways to balance the resources of the PS4. Your opinion is stupid and suggests that developers don’t know how to do their jobs. I get it you not a PS4 fan, but that doesn’t give you license to make sh!t up in an attempt to look informed — which you are not.

          DriveClub runs at 30fps because the developers chose 1080p / 30fps as their target. Most developers are more than happy with what the PS4 offers, sure the CPU could be more robust but it hasn’t been a huge hindrance and only the most ambitious games have to really make any concessions.

          You comments are devoid of any real meaning and context because you are more interested in talking sh!t on PS4 than actually providing a valid opinion. Go home and play your gaming system of choice, it doesn’t affect my enjoyment of PlayStation 4 games one bit.

          • I notice that you totally ignored “Coolgamers” comment that I was replying to you know the one just above where he was talking crap with the 720p etc.

        • Like the Xbone dropping frames on GTAV, ACU and having substandard resolution in FC4 and CODAW MP (PS4 gets 1080p and 60fps locked in that version).

          That’s that garbage CPU and GPU in the Bone again.

          • Not up voting yourself anymore ?.

          • I would if I ever did. Keep clinging to that conspiracy theory though. πŸ™‚

          • Two or more people are needed to conspire. Since you’re liking your own comments its not a conspiracy

            Sincerely, PC Master Race

          • LOL WUT? What’s your source for these performance stats? Because they’re complete bullshit.

            Sincerely, PC Master Race

          • Digital Foundry, mate. Look it up. πŸ™‚

          • Look up the first game to have 1080p locked at 60fps on this generation of console.

            Notice how its Forza 5?

            Sincerely, PC Master Race

          • I did. I also noticed how it looked like a PS2 game and underwent massive downgrades since reveal. Ouch! :^)

          • LOL WUT? I think you mean Drive Club. Sorry that Xbox had the first 1080p game locked at 60fps and that Ryze is better looking than anything ps4 has.
            Lol whats the fps of Unity on ps4?

            Sincerely, PC Master Race

          • No, Flopza 4.5.


            As for Ryse…


            Them downgrades though. :^)

            A little worse than the Xbone which still performed horribly. I guess that’s what you have to call a “win” these days.

          • What’s that? Driveclub is 30fps while Forza is 60 fps @ 1080p? Well maybe driveclub makes up for that with gameplay. Lol, nope.

            Maybe in a few years when ps4 devs can optimize the bottlenecking CPU and heat issues with it being placed next to the GPU, it’ll start getting graphics like Ryze.

            What I call a win is gaming on 4k, or playing games 5 years ago with graphics better than your peasantstation 4. Its funny how you talk about 1080p and a measely 30fps when the Master Race considers that ancient

            Sincerely, PC Master Race

          • Yes, DC is an arcade racer, same as FH2. Both were 30fps. FM is a sim, like GT6, which runs at 60fps. GT6 managed to look and play better than FM5 though. Hope the same fate doesn’t befall FM6.

            That mediocre launch game Infamous and DC already buried? Keep dreaming. πŸ™‚

            Keep pretending to be mustard race, Xbot, one day someone will believe it. πŸ™‚

          • Lol wtf are you talking about? I’m not sure if you’re retarded or just a troll.

            Sincerely, PC Master Race

          • Just eviscerating your naff lineup. πŸ™‚

    • This popped up on my google app and my immediate thought was “PS fanboys are going to call this article bias”

      Maybe PS players are OK with linear gameplay. Maybe they’re OK with a game, no matter how shitty it is, just as long as it has a story. Maybe PS fanboys were hacked by north Korea and are just drones. I don’t know, but I find it amusing.

      Sincerely, PC Master Race

      • @XanderZane41:disqus

        Maybe you should find PC articles to comment on since your opinion isn’t relevant. No matter what you think of my PS4, I will enjoy games on it just as much as you enjoy games on your glorified word processor.

        • You do realize that a ps4 is a computer, right? Just a really shitty outdated one. I had a glorified ms office machine 7 years ago that was more powerful than your peasantstation 4 is now. Enjoy your Yugo, I’ll be picking up babes in my Lamborghini

          Sincerely, PC Master Race

  10. I’ll be the judge if this is a good game or not after I buy it and give it a spin. Once I platinum the hell out of this I’ll be sure to post here letting you know what I think. I wish all these negative reviewers saved me from wasting my money on destiny….. Nope… Nothing said about that aborted fetus. Seems like the order 1886 is the only game this gen people feel inclined to “warn” us about. Lol. Cutscenes you say? Well no mgs5 for you guys huh? Oh wait that’s different right? Wait until dawn looks cool? Those QTE’s are given a pass huh? Lmao. Smh. If you like what YOU see buy what you like fellow gamers. I enjoyed games way more before the internet. Smh.

    • @mrniles:disqus

      I was very happy with Destiny before the DLC. The DLC reminded me of those little chocolate bars you get on Halloween – Fun Size, yet when you have Fun Size DLC the fun seems to run out quick.

      The base game was good and I felt worth the price of admission (it could have been a bit more substantial). DLC seemed to be very small for $20. Also I wasn’t a fan of re-grinding gear again.

  11. Another over hyped sony game. I can’t wait for it to get mediocre reviews, it’s gonna happen, I guarantee it.

    • @brotherlymoses:disqus

      That may be true, but I am not sure anyone who has only played 30 minutes of the game is qualified to “review” the game. This guy is just repeating what other people have said and he isn’t bringing anything new to the table.

  12. Also see Metros preview

    “It all seems unsatisfyingly vague, horribly basic, and with about as much dramatic tension as an episode of Peppa Pig (no offence to Peppa intended).”


    5 reasons why you might not want to pre-order (1886) The Order: 1886


    • @disqus_Wclo7h9Hi8:disqus

      I am waiting until the game comes out, but at the moment I am very impressed with the visual fidelity and I like what they have done with QTEs.

      • Fair enough, you’re impressed with the graphics, but a game swamped with cut scenes and QTEs, it’s not exactly what you call game play is it? Knock out a quick game with fancy graphics which will sell, is Sony’s plan.

        • @disqus_2FwA0eGgx8:disqus

          Given that we have only seen less than 30 minutes of the actual game, how can you adequately come to the conclusion that the whole entire game will be exactly like what we have seen?

          I for one think their approach to QTEs is quite novel and not the typical manner in which they are used.

          The fact is people who keep hammering on these same complaints only appear to be contrary. Many of the people complaining have admitted they don’t have a PS4, so this ire towards this game is only another opportunity to hate on Sony and I don’t consider those opinions to be valid at all.

          If Sony’s plan was to “knock out a quick game with fancy graphics” why did they bother delaying this game? Simple and observable facts do not jive with your version of the truth.

          • Well they made an announcement a week or so ago saying that the gameplay is revolutionary… Because you can shoot grenades out of the air.

            Revolutionary must mean max Payne 15 years ago

          • we’ve now seen more than 30 minutes. everyone that said it was swamped with cutscenes and qte were right.

            simple observable facts jived with our version of the truth.

            how does it feel to be wrong?

    • You sure do sound scared of The Order, Fweds. Just saying. πŸ™‚

  13. I suppose it’s unfair to judge it from vids and shots, but from the vids I’ve seen, it doesn’t have much going for it in terms of game play. It looks like Gears of War set in Sherlock Holmes/Jack the Ripper London. Most people seem to be more into the graphics, which has happened so many times before with other games. Somehow, I think it’ll turn out to be an average A to B shooter. This is what happens when a game is hyped up, be it by the developer, publisher, magazines, websites and even by the likes of me and you. Look at Watch Dogs.

    • @disqus_2FwA0eGgx8:disqus

      It is unfair to judge the game on a scant look at about 30 minutes of gameplay.

      That is the MOST honest thing I have ever heard your biased lips say. In terms of the “Hype” of The Order — what have they Hyped up? They haven’t told us the game is anything but what it is. Not like Ready At Dawn has been billing this as an open world shooter.

      Ready At Dawn should be proud of what they have done here, so far it looks great. If the gunplay is decent and the narrative works well they may have a hit on their hands.

      Since you don’t own a PS4, why do you even care?

  14. It’s funny, cause if this was exclusive on the XB1, Sony fanboys would be bashing it to death saying it’s just another cinematic QTE game like Ryse. Now that this is on the PS4, the game is beautiful and there’s nothing wrong with the QTE type gameplay and long cut scenes that Sony fans scolded Ryse for having. Go figure. Bunch of hypocrites. In any case, The Order 1886 doesn’t look like it will be worth the $60, unless it has other modes to it. I was hoping and praying this was going to be like Left 4 Dead with 4 player co-op in a new environment with a great story. But The Order is not that game. No co-op play at all. Linear gameplay that forces you through the story. A lot of sitting back and watching a CGI film.

    • @XanderZane41:disqus

      So all Sony fans are just some mental collective that can’t think on their own? πŸ™‚ Could you be any more biased?

      If it wasn’t for Ryse’s kill sequences there wouldn’t be a reason to play it. Remember all the articles saying that you could button mash your way to victory? From what I have seen of The Order that won’t be possible.

      There are many games out there that are linear, that doesn’t disqualify them in any sense.

      Yet another brilliant comment from someone that doesn’t own a PS4 and will never play the game anyways.

  15. Haters gonna hate. Driveclub ended up being a very good game after the patches. All the hate doesnt stop people from enjoying Driveclub, The Order, Killzone.

  16. Everytime I post something on these sites, my posts disappear 10 mins later. If this game was on the XB1 it would be getting bashed left and right by Sony fanboys, just like Ryse did. Since it’s on the PS4, they are praising it even though it has more QTE and linear gameplay then Ryse did. It’s too funny.

  17. WOW! THESE GRAPHICS ARE SO GREAT!!! Lol, for a 5 year old PC.

    Sincerely, PC Master Race

  18. Cmon xbone fanboys its the next best thing after TLOU. Get rekt

  19. LOL Reviews are in, and turns out the Article was SPOT FUCKING ON. Game is getting shit on by everyone. Full of QTE, boring dull cut scenes, less than a quarter of the game is actually playing.

    Lol, such hilarity, much funny, many lols

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