Syndicate DART 6 screenshots and video

Syndicate DART 6 screenshots and video


EA and Starbreeze are getting ready to release the reboot of the classic isometric real-time tactical game from Bullfrog Games. Syndicate has now become a First Person Shooter and is set to release on February 24th.

DART 6 is your gateway to the ultimate consciousness. Equipped with a combat ready neural interface, you as an Agent can cause weapon malfunction, induce insanity, and persuade hostiles to switch allegiance. Combined with adrenaline transducers for heightened awareness, there is absolutely no reason to go into the workplace without one.

Side effects may include: nausea, disorientation, double vision, brain embolism, impotence, neural disorders, and delamination of the frontal lobe.

EUROCORP has the right to use, without restriction, any or all of the contents of your thoughts, fantasies, and memories, past or future.

WARNING: Do not attempt to upgrade or remove your DART chip, tampering will invalidate your citizenship and may result in brain-damage, mutilation, or DEATH.

For more information on the DART 6 chip, or to order one of your own, head to

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