New action game from Northgard developers launches this week

New action game from Northgard developers launches this week

Shiro Games, developers of Northgard and Evoland have revealed a February 12th release date for their upcoming survival action game Darksburg into Early Access.

Choose from one of four playable Survivors and fight back against an undead horde assaulting the medieval city of Darksburg. Coordinate with up to three other players to stem the zombie tide, unleashing powerful skills and special abilities across objective-based maps. Indulge your dark side in Versus mode by controlling powerful Revenants, fearsome zombies capable of halting the Survivors’ advances.   Darksburg’s Early Access release features four playable characters, including Varag, a vicious wolfman with a soft spot for humans and a taste for zombie flesh, and Sister Abigail, a holy nun hell-bent on keeping her home safe, five maps set in various districts of the city, and three game modes.

You can read more about Darksburg on Steam here

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