Musing: Cyberpunk 2077 is the next No Man’s Sky – Too big to not disappoint

Musing: Cyberpunk 2077 is the next No Man’s Sky – Too big to not disappoint

Since CD Projekt RED announced Cyberpunk 2077 in 2012, the gaming landscape has changed as multiple franchises have been established, consoles generations have passed, and we’ve had just a disappointing game or two. No game disappointed more in that time though that Hello Games’s No Man’s Sky. And that, is where Cyberpunk is destined to be – but maybe not for the same reasons.

People who have video games would usually have a heightened imagination, from the days of looking at a few pixels and deciphering it as people to where we’ve been taken through cinematic blockbusters and tear-jerking conclusions, we always picture things in our head, features, theories, and so much more.

No Man’s Sky was just that coming up to launch; It was going to be everything! The last game we will ever need. It was going to be the perfect exploration game with planets in the quintillions, mechanics that seemed endless and possibilities that we couldn’t even comprehend at the time. Then, the game released and it just wasn’t that, we felt betrayed. This is where No Man’s Sky’s journey would diverge in a different direction to what I feel will happen with Cyberpunk 2077.

We don’t expect it to be an endless game, but we do think that it will provide a product that will be the best in every genre imaginable, in every facet it can. This game has been hyped to a level that is impossible to fulfil, no matter how well they perform the landing.

If the developers launch a game on the 10th that is free of bugs, and produces a game that is everything they wanted it to be, will it be enough for the fans? I honestly doubt that. We’ve become too spoiled by games, expecting too much, more for free, and dismiss the content that is just in front of them.

Whether we like it or not, this game will be held by previous gen foundations. Development started long before this new generation of consoles were even specced. Levels, quests, larger decisions were made years ago and, in some ways, may feel that way.

In case you think I’m being too negative on Cyberpunk 2077, I think it’s going to be the game CD Projekt RED would have wanted to make, and it will be one of the best games of the last few years if it holds up to their standard. My point is that we always want more than what is even in front of us.

We live in an industry that provides massive live updates to games like Fortnite who have had troubles in the past regarding crunching their developers in order to provide a “live” game. This was expected of Apex Legends on launch and is now the bane of Fall Guys as every post is riddled with “dead game” replies because their free updates are not quick enough.

Some players want everything, the best features and mechanics possible. But depth can only go so far in one aspect with Cyberpunk because its ambitions are not just in one specific mechanic. It’s an open-world RPG that allows you to modify your body, hack, drive, engage in dozens of activities, all while being in a bustling, alive world. Technological crutches like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One mean that is will always be restrained in some way. The city won’t be big enough or the character customisation won’t be over the top to some people’s standards.

There is no doubt that this game will aim to push the envelope in the industry, setting new standards in its respective genre – but it still won’t do it in everything.

And if you think fans of the game are going to be level-headed and understand what the realistic expectations of video games still are, simply look up on Twitter the responses to any post that mentioned one of the previous delays. Developers received death threats, they were called horrible names, and wished death on their families because the game was delayed by a few weeks.

The game will most likely not have the best shooting mechanics or car controls, nor will it offer the most in-depth RPG options of any game out there. It probably won’t be the best looking game released to date or have the most potential gameplay hours. It will have choice, more than most games but not all. It will have jaw-dropping moments, but it is mostly likely not going to have everything you want, and for some, that’s not good enough.

This game could promise the world and give every inch of it to their fans it could, but it will still ultimately disappoint because we imagine the possibilities and that imagination isn’t real. Don’t get me wrong, it will be the *perfect* game to some people and that’s great, I’m just expecting a backlash the game will most likely not deserve because the industry has moved into unachievable destinations.

I could be wrong, and I hope I am.

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