Microsoft Buys Minecraft For 2.5 BILLION

Microsoft Buys Minecraft For 2.5 BILLION

2.5 Billion. Yes, you read that right. B as in BILLION.

On Sept 15th, Microsoft announced they had reached an agreement with Mojang to buy out the studio. Included in the purchase is the indie game phenomenon and sales behemoth Minecraft.

As for the future of Minecraft, XBox’s Head, Phil Spencer confirmed that Microsoft would continue to support the game on the platforms it is already on. On a blog post on Xbox Wire, Spencer confirmed that MINECON, a world wide convention for Minecraft players would continue next year. In this blog post and a video posted, Spencer talked about being the caretakers of the Minecraft community. This lead into looking forward to engage the community to improve the game in the same way The Xbox Live service has grown.

Microsoft Press Release
Phil Spencer’s Xbox Wire Post on Minecraft (9/15/2014)

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