Lord of Shadow 2’s Dracula as a character still evolving

Lord of Shadow 2’s Dracula as a character still evolving


Castlevania: Lords of Shadow launched back in 2010 and if you haven’t played it yet I highly suggest you do. It is one of the most overlooked games this generation. It has sold extremely well but no one every seems to talk about it.

In a recent set-down session with producer of Lords of Shadow 2 Dave Cox and voice of Gabriel Belmont Robert Carlyle, they stated the Dracula’s design still hasn’t been finalised and is still evolving. Regarding the early planning of the game Cox stated that Gabriel Bemont was:

“. . .much more of a big, muscly, barbaric, almost Conan-style character, and when Robert came on board, we realized we needed to make him more of an every-man, a more realistic character,” to which Carlyle agreed, “This team was really open to interpretation and gave me a lot of leeway to give this performance some gravitas and emotional weight that it needed.”

Also of interest was where the character of Dracula stands today in the development process: “… In fact, we’re still tweaking the character on a daily basis to establish the character as fitting Robert’s performance.”

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