LawBreakers is Boss Key’s big First Person Shooter

LawBreakers is Boss Key’s big First Person Shooter

After months of it simply being called Project Bluestreak, Boss Key Productions have finally put a name on it: Lawbreakers.

The studio is headed by Cliff Bleszinski and Arian Brussee who are best known for being involved with the Gears of War and Killzone series respectively but have moved on to create a brand new Free to Play First Person Shooter.

LawBreakers is a competitive team-based FPS set in an alternate future in which the world has been divided into two factions  following a huge cataclysmic event known as ‘The Shattering’ that changed gravity forever. Afterward, the world recovered and ushered in a new age technological advancements providing gravity manipulation and supplement use that grants near-superhuman abilities.  Now, the new technology rages and two forces fight for control; a peacekeeping organization charged with upholding the law, and a highly-organized crime syndicate bent on breaking it.

A gameplay trailer will be dropping on Friday but for now, enjoy the teaser.

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