L4D 2 The Passing Review

The Passing is the first downloadable chapter for Left 4 Dead 2. The big selling point about this downloadable content is the survivors cross paths with the original survivors. This campaign is spread across 3 maps. The timeline of this campaign is between Dead Centre and Dark Carnival. And begins with being stuck before a bridge because it is raised. Here you meet the first of the left 4 Dead originals Francis. He tells you that if you refill the generator that the team will be able to cross over the bridge to continue your journey.

Thankfully this DLC fits perfectly within the whole Left 4 Dead world in terms of length structure and content. Each campaign in Left 4 Dead 2 is anything between 30 minutes and an hour and same games for The Passing. It retains the beauty of replay ability and fun. This isn’t just another couple of maps to play through though.

The story is particularly important though because the team from the first game come into contact with the members of the second Left 4 Dead. Except there is one difference, one of the original characters isn’t there. Obviously I won’t tell you who, but because of this it creates a real reason to purchase it and to make things even better Chet Falisek said a few months ago talking about the passing that about a month after The Passing is released, that a campaign will be released for the original Left 4 Dead that will tell the story of how those characters made it to the south and discover the unfortunate fate of one of the survivors.

There are a couple of new features to this DLC. Within the campaign there is a new weapon: M60. This is a really powerful machine gun that can clean out a whole room of infected but unfortunately cannot be reloaded so once it’s empty is empty. There is also a new melee weapon with the golf club. There is also a new uncommon infected, the fallen survivor. The fallen survivor drops health packs and weapons when you kill them. Also keep a look out for the witch, she may have had a make over.

A new scavenge map is included called the port is in the package and one more thing is called mutations. Mutations are variations to the gameplay that will be changed by valve every week. Valve has promised to change this every week for at least 20 weeks. This is essentially 5 months of  new content for Left 4 Dead 2 from this one pack. Mutations will range from realism verses to chainsaw only to even just headshots. Not all of the mutations have been unveiled but the ones that have seem to be very interesting and will bring a lot of people constantly coming back to Left 4 Dead 2. These mutations are available on all campaigns not just the passing which adds even more variety.

You’re been asked for 560 Microsoft points or free from steam for a mountain of content. A new campaign, new scavenge map, new weapons and many weeks of variations with mutations. The original cast may have lost someone but you gain a lot more from this DLC. Anyone who enjoys Left 4 Dead should definitely pick this up. There is even 250 gamerscore added for you achievement hunters.  There is nothing stopping you from picking this up so what are you waiting for?

                                                  Score 8.5

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