Halo: CE Anniversary Kinect Features detailed

Halo: CE Anniversary Kinect Features detailed

During New York Comic Con over the weekend, 343 Industries announced the list of Kinect features that will ship with the game come November 15th.

Apparently, there will be three way to use Kinect with Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition. First, you can use the voice control to switch between the classic visual mode and its HD upgrade, as well as reload and throw grenades.

Analyse mode will utilise Kinect so you can scan weapons, vehicles, characters and more simply by putting the reticule over the item and saying scan.

Lastly, the items you scan in-game can be viewed in the library. You will be able to look at these items using the motion controller.

Halo: CE Anniversary Edition will launch exclusively on Xbox 360 from November 15th.

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