Gears of War 2 Event Capped and Almost Reached

Well what Rod Fergusson thought would be a low key affair quickly turned into one of those times that makes you realise that some developers still don’t know the things gamers will do when you give them power to decide something. Rod Fergusson wanted to get 4000 followers by Comic Con (July 22nd) It would just take a few hundred followers so he decided to bribe us. He said depending on how many followers he’d have by next week, he would divide by 500 and that’s what multiplier XP will be added to Gears of war 2 online next week.

Well poor Rod made a big mistake. In just over 24 hours he now has 9755 fans as of writing. He has decided to cap it at 10,000 followers and 20x XP. Probably a smart move for him. Considering he’d let it continue and the followers would increase at the same pace, the Gears 2 event next week could’ve been over 100x XP. Fun for us but would leave getting to level 100 pretty easy it would drastically kill the game online.

Either way look forward to your 20x XP next weekend in Gears of War 2.

via [Rod Fergusson’s Twitter]

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  1. LOL, gamers are so cool!

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