Game from Bioshock vets hitting Nintendo Switch in February

Game from Bioshock vets hitting Nintendo Switch in February

City of Brass, the first-person rogue-like action game launches for Nintendo Switch this February.

The Nintendo Switch version will launch with three new unlockable characters alongside the starting duo, as well as a myriad of enhancements like additional relics, weapons, enemies, and other improvements.

With procedurally-generated environments that see the labyrinthine streets shift on every run, City of Brass urges players to put their newfound knowledge from every playthrough to the test. But the challenge can also be tailored to every individual with the Blessings & Burdens system, which provides a wealth of modifiers to adjust the difficulty and game feel with optional modifiers to various game systems, including player health, damage output, item cost, and more.

City of Brass launches for Nintendo Switch from February 8th. It is currently available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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