First Look Preview: Left 4 Dead 2 Demo



After playing the demo, although it is a hard statement to make i can easily say what i’ve seen so far of Left 4 Dead is as good if not BETTER than the original. Gameplay-wise it is still as fun and sometimes as annoying as the first, and with new special infected, The Jockey, which jumps on the survivor’s backs to steer them somewhere they dont want to go to somewhere… lets say into the path of a wandering witch! Which is also another new feature during the daytime levels of campaign as the witch will wander around the map until startled but will still revert to her old depressed self after the sun goes down.Another new enemy is the spitter, an infected that spews out an acidic substance from her mouth which also leaks out after death making her similar to the boomer except can do more damage. The final new character to join the enemy ranks is the charger, a tank-like infected that does exactly what it says on the tin, charges at the survivors and pins them to the first wall it hits and begins to pummel them into the planes of Oblivion. These new infected join old favouites the witch, hunter, boomer, smoker and everyones favourite, The Tank.

The demo is an awesome preview of what else is left to come as you can play the first two parts of the parish, one of the five new campaigns as one of the four new survivors, although MAYBE it should just have come out as DLC(kidding), i for one cant wait for November 17th when the infection hits game stands in full and you can be sure to find a review of the full game right here on game-smack.


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