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Final for Irish Red Bull Solo Q taking place today

Final for Irish Red Bull Solo Q taking place today

The Red Bull Solo Q final is here as four competitors look to move on and make it to the European Final later in the year.

The four final competitors are:

Neil “Hawkens” Simon
Solo queue main: Lucian

Hawkens has come into Solo Q 2020 looking to make up for a heartbreaking loss in the semi-finals of last year’s Red Bull Player One. He has roleswapped to AD Carry, however his path to the playoffs in Qualifier 1 saw him fall back on his classic mages and best opponents in mirror match after mirror match. Hawkens’ playstyle diversity could see him go even further this year.

Dano “Disco dano” White

Solo queue main: Lucian

The 2018 champion. Disco dano has come into 2020 like a freight train, taking multiple tournament victories with multiple different teams in both Ireland and the UK. He has mastery of all of the important classes of champion for 1v1s, and his aggression just outright wins matches against weaker opponents. Dano is the man to beat in the playoff bracket, and all will have to aim to topple the king.

Kevin “Kevaman” Lalor
Solo queue main: Miss Fortune
It is strange to call Kevaman the underdog, however that was the position he was in when facing reigning champion Pr0totype in his qualification match. Displaying a level of composure and control not usually associated with Kevaman, he took over the match with back-to-back wins on Cassiopeia to secure a playoff berth. Known as an explosive player, if Kevaman’s on a good day in playoffs he will be near impossible to defeat.

Bernard “Bernpup” Grabarczyk
Solo queue main: Diana

A lesser known name in the playoffs, but Bernpup has been quietly making waves over the last year or so with performances in other tournaments and a quiet rise in solo queue. Bernpup is a potential dark horse in this bracket, and the big names in the tournament would do well not to overlook him.

The matchups are as follows:

  • Kevin “Kevaman” Lalor V Bernard “Bernpup” Grabarczyk
  • Neil “Hawkens” Simon V Dano “Disco dano” White

Where can you Watch?

You can check out the matches live on Twitch here:

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