Final Fantasy VII’s remake may be different from the original

Final Fantasy VII’s remake may be different from the original

It finally happened: Every loud Final Fantasy fan got their wish and Final Fantasy VII is now being remade but not everything may be the same.

First off, the combat system may be different to the one that originally feature in VII as the developers now think that the previous battle system feels outdated now. We could see a more fluid ATB system or even something closer to Final Fantasy XV.

We could also see changes to the story which means every diehard fan may get their wish to save that special someone.

I guess we’ll find out when the game finally gets shown off, which could be anywhere from now until eternity but Square Enix hopes that this game will hopefully increase the install base of PlayStation 4 which means it could launch within the next five years or so.

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  1. Is making a true FF VII remake even feasible financially? The scale of the game if kept true to the original on a current gen platform would surely break all game development cost budget records. Could Square hope to make a profit on a game like that, no matter how good it would be?

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