Elgato announces two new products to help streamers/content producers

Elgato announces two new products to help streamers/content producers

Elgato have revealed two brand new products: The Elgato Cam Link and the Elgato Green Screen.

Both of the newly announced products aims to improve quality and usability for content creators to make the best content possible in the easiest possible way.

The Elgato Cam Link allows users to connect their DSLR camera to a computer to create much higher quality video content and the Green Screen is a portable and easy-to-assemble green screen to up your streaming game.

Cam Link Key Features
• Ultra low latency technology – enables live, high-quality recording and streaming in 1080p60 for professional content
• Plug and produce – links a DSLR, camcorder, point & shoot or action cam to a Mac or Windows PC via a USB 3.0 connection and instantly enables live production
• Simplified workflow – stores content directly on the computer’s hard drive instead of dealing with memory cards with limited storage and recording time restrictions. Real-time, full-screen feedback enables live adjustments of shoddy shots before they’re discovered in the editing room


Green Screen Key Features
• Camera chroma keying – provides a wrinkle-resistant chroma-green surface perfect for displaying professional backgrounds
• Pop up setup – easily pops open and locks in place in a matter of seconds to create a professional broadcast setup, and packs up just as easily to store away when not in use
• Portable immersion – portable design turns any workplace, such as a bedroom or messy storage room, into a professional studio for instant immersion
The Cam Link will be available on Amazon.co.uk for £119.95 and the Elgato Green Screen will be £139.95.

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