Editorial: Quiet in The Realm

I have been doing this to varying degrees of effort over the last six years. You may have known about this site from that time or you may be brand new but either way I want to thank you for literally every bit of support you’ve ever given me and my dumb little passion. Why am I thanking you? Is the site closing down? Well, no but it’s starting to undergo changes that will make it more different than it ever was.

Honestly, I’ve been throwing a bunch of stuff at the wall the last few years, trying different things for a few iterations before falling back into the same old cycle. I lost my “gaming smile”. While I still love everything I do, I was restricted by so much that was my own doing.

I always felt as though personality is not what people come for. Although that may have been slightly true six years ago, it’s essential today. Personality is what keeps viewers coming back. I care about being the best I can at talking about games in a respectful manner because I appreciate the medium as much as I do. I have learned, however that it’s possible to do both (Giant Bomb)

So the past few weeks, things may have been quiet on the website. This is not down to laziness but rather a lot of work that I’ve been doing in the background. A lot of preparation, designing, and restructuring that will ultimately bring everything to exactly what I want it to be. What’s going to happen exactly? Well, first off, video will be king.

If you make your way over to the YouTube channel you’ll see that I’ve released over 200 videos. Honestly, I’m not entirely happy with most of them. They all have  a lack of personality or confidence. I have been fighting anxiety for years to get over this monotone, dull-sounding critique of the games on show. I honestly wouldn’t watch this if it wasn’t me. I’m not like this when not recording so why am I like this when I am. It’s just as bad in my eyes as someone who pretends to be overly-enthusiastic but is then someone else as soon as they stop recording. I’ve been pretending to be someone else in my videos and it was always for the worst.

I’ll be working incredibly hard to create content that’s fun, different, and most importantly, filled with my personality. I’m also working on a schedule that will see a new video released at 9 p.m every night as well as a streaming schedule. This will be iterated upon over the weeks to see what method works best but be assured that video is the way forward for the website.

That’s not all though as I’ve been also researching in the background of considering to change the look of the site. While the site currently looks good to me, there are some functions that I wish were more seamless. This isn’t a guarantee that this will happen but as of writing it is in the plans to do so. It will be a site more focused on highlighting games and its content including videos and reviews. News isn’t going anywhere as it is the bread and butter of any gaming website.

So there you go, a little bit of inside knowledge about what’s going on behind the scenes. It’s exciting and scary in equal measure. A video every day, streams, and even a newly designed website. Not too shabby for one person who works 9-5 doing something else and getting 4 buses. So why am I ramping things up and finally carrying things through to where I’ve always wanted it to be? Because I don’t want to be getting four buses anymore.

Owner of Game-Smack, Jason plays everything that's possible. Goal of Game-Smack: Overhearing a stranger "Game-Smack? I've heard of that. It sucks!"

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