E3 2013: Mirror’s Edge reboot is “open-World”

E3 2013: Mirror’s Edge reboot is “open-World”

mirror's edge 2After a couple of years of Mirror’s Edge fans had been hoping for a second game in the series and their prayers were finally answered at the E3 press conference this year. During an E3 analyst call, EA labels president Frank Gibeau stated that the Mirror’s Edge  will be open-world.

EA Games Label boss Patrick Söderlund said:

“I can tell you one thing,” he said. “It’s a very different Mirror’s Edge experience than the first game.

“Obviously as you saw in the trailer there are some things that will clearly remain the same. We’re not going to break what the game was good at. But in general, though, there are some changes, which are for the better I think.”

“The first game was a lot about running away from things,” he said. “And, even though you want to have sections with that, you also want Faith… she’s a powerful character and you want her to take control. You’ll see a little bit more of that in this game.

“Again, we’re not going to turn this into a shooter. On the contrary, in fact. But we are going to evolve Faith and the story. Once we show more of this people will be genuinely excited. I am personally extremely excited about it.”

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