Dirty Bomb now in open beta

Dirty Bomb now in open beta

Splash Damage’s free to play First Person Shooter is now available to download on Steam.


There are a number of mercs to purchase with either in-game currency or with real money but there are always enough merc free in rotation to fill out your squad. Right now the marcs in rotation are:

  • Kira, a powerful tactical character who can rain down hell from above with her Orbital Laser Strike, perfect for clearing out defenses and campers

  • Sawbonez, a frontline support medic equipped with a Submachine Gun and Defibrillator Paddles, who is highly effective at reviving his teammates to full health

  • Fragger, an aggressive pointman and straight-up player-slayer, with a big gun, lots of ammo, and devastating Frag grenades

There’s no reason not to download it as its free but I’ve been playing it a fair bit and it’s the first free to play game I can’t put down. “One of the best shooters in some time” is what’s coming to my mind now that I think of it.

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