Did you know: Hydrophobia’s Kate voiced by Dublin Woman

Hydrophobia is out next week on Xbox Live Arcade and the lead character is voiced by a local lass for us Dubliners. Hydrophobia’s Kate is voiced by Dubliner Lisa Heanley. Dark Energy Digital released a press release today about this Irish Heroine:

                                 First Irish videogame heroine makes a big splash
September sees the launch of a very different video game blockbuster. “Hydrophobia” is the first game to feature realistic flowing water; and is produced with a revolutionary new technology called InfiniteWorlds, which results in an impossibly small file size allowing the game to be distributed exclusively by Microsoft on its Xbox Live (XBLA) download service. Perhaps more importantly the game stars one Kate Wilson, played by native Dubliner Lisa Heanley.

“As a proud Irish woman it was a great honour to play such a fantastic character. Kate is an intelligent systems engineer who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time… but somewhere along the line things get personal and Kate hits back hard. Each script became progressively intense, telling an epic story where Kate evolves into this incredible force to be reckoned with. I can not wait until the next episode! “

“Hydrophobia” is set onboard a floating city some 30 years in the future. Our heroine Kate is caught behind enemy lines when Neo Malthusian terrorists seize the huge ship. At first Kate seeks only survival but eventually she is drawn into the fight. Terrorists beware; don’t mess with a strong Irish woman.

“This was more than an acting role for me; I literally could not wait for the next batch of the game script; Kate breaks away from all the usual videogame stereotypes. There are around 900 lines of dialogue in this game – compared with around 300 in an average movie; it’s a truly epic story.”

The game launches on 29th September for 1200 gamer points (under 12 Euros). More information can be found at www.hydrophobia-game.com

About Dark Energy Digital Ltd.
Dark Energy Digital is a technology company based in Manchester England. It is a publisher and developer of innovative games that are produced with its ground breaking games-creation technology, InfiniteWorlds™. and the water simulation HydroEngine TM

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  1. terrible game. dont buy.

    • Short but awesome game. Bought and enjoyed.

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