Destiny 2: Beyond Light is now available

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is now available

Bungie have announced that Destiny 2: Beyond Light is now available for PC and consoles.

Beyond Light is the first of three expansions set to release over the next two years to usher in the next chapter of Destiny 2. Beyond Light sends Guardians to Europa for the first time and also introduces a whole new subclass: stasis.

On top of the new expansion, a brand new season, Season of the Hunt will arrive on November 17th.

  • Explore Europa: Jupiter’s frozen moon of Europa is a vast frozen frontier, full of adventure and mystery. Guardians will brave the unrelenting storms, infiltrate the Golden Age Braytech facility, and uncover the secrets that lie deep under the ancient ice.  
  • Wield the Darkness: Stasis has come to Beyond Light. Rooted in Darkness, Stasis is the first new elemental power in Destiny since the original game. By wielding Stasis, players will be able to control the flow of battle using powerful abilities like freezing and shattering combatants.  
  • The Rise of Eramis: The splintered houses of the Fallen have rallied and built their new empire on Europa, united under the banner of the Fallen Kell of Darkness, Eramis. Determined to restore glory to her people, Eramis has discovered Stasis as the means to achieve her aims.  
  • Deep Stone Crypt Raid: Guardians will test their skill and teamwork in this brand new six-person raid, where glorious rewards await. The Deep Stone Crypt raid opens for Beyond Light owners on November 21 and Destiny fans will be eagerly anticipating the celebration of the first fireteam to complete the event.  
  • New Onboarding Experience: Explore the re-imagined Cosmodrome in the new player experience, which has been designed to introduce brand new players to the exciting world of Destiny 2.
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