Dead Space 2 Announced


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Please tell me what do you see? a butterfly? a doorway? maybe something more sinister? Necromorphs you say, hmmm interesting. Well was it any surprise since last year when the original was received by critical acclaim. Unfortunately the sales weren’t as good as EA may have hoped but that didn’t stop them from planning on a sequel. Today EA announced that Dead Space will be scaring the holy crap out of people in 2010 on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.

Other than the announcement there is virtually nothing else that we know about the title. Visceral Games will likely be developing the second installment but will we be stepping back into Isaac’s engineering boots. Sorry for the spolier but here’s your warning: It is unsure whether Isaac will return because of his rude passenger but you never know with Isaac, i mean, he’s an engineer.

Another thing that may excite people is that Dead Space 2 may feature online components. It has been rumoured that EA and Visceral were looking for multiplayers devs to work on a “AAA title”, and last time I checked EA saw the Dead Space franchise as AAA material. It may just be co-op but even so I think I would gladly settle for that.

No Date has been set just yet but you can probably expect a autumn/winter 2010 release as the rule of sequels go (2 year dev cycle). More news will be posted as we hear it.

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