Dead Rising 2 dev working on two open world IPs

Dead Rising 2 dev working on two open world IPs

Capcom Vancouver, the developer of dead Rising 2 and other add-ons Case Zero and Case West is currently working on two new open world IPs. One of the game’s is rumoured to be Dead Rising two and it will be set in California, or a place inspired by California. There have been rumours too that the game will ┬ábe either centred around a mechanic named Rick or it may return to franchise favourite Frank West.

“We have two unannounced projects in the pipe and there is lots of work to be done. We need the help of smart, passionate and dedicated people to help us make our open world action games!”

The second game could be anything: a prequel for Dead Rising 3, ala Case Zero or it could even be a version being made for a handheld, maybe even the soon to be release PlayStation Vita.

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