Daigo reveals his Capcom Pro Tour Online Plans

Daigo reveals his Capcom Pro Tour Online Plans

Fighting game legend Daigo Umehara talks to Red Bull about his impressive Capcom Pro Tour Online 2020 showing as well as who he prefers to play as and a lot more.

The 39-year-old arcade fighting video game player from Tokyo grew up playing Street Fighter II, Fatal Fury: King of Fighters and Vampire Hunter before he made a global competitive Street Fighter name for himself using Ryu.

Umehara, who has finished third and fourth at Red Bull Kumite and currently holds a world record of ‘the most successful player in major tournaments of Street Fighter’ in the Guinness World Records, spoke about his tournament preparation…

Daigo Umehara talks during the opening talk show at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan, on February 2, 2018

How do you feel about the remainder of the Capcom Pro Tour this year going online?

I didn’t think CPT would happen at all, so I’m very glad. Their efforts to find a way to make it work show how driven they are, and I’m glad about that as well.

What characters are you planning on maining? How do you feel about Kage and do you plan to use him in the CPT as well? How do you feel about Guile?

Guile. Last season was very tough, but this year I think it’ll be an easier fight, relatively speaking. As of now, I’m not sure about Kage. With a little more training and knowledge, it’s a possibility.

During the downtime between tournaments, has your practice regime changed?

I can’t go out, so I’m training exclusively from home, online. Before that I’d been going to fighting meetups in the city for field training. Now that online is my only option, I’ve had to get creative, and I’ve made a lot of discoveries as a result, so it’s been beneficial. For example, I stream when I’m training, which has given me an opportunity to teach my viewers, and also for them to teach me things I didn’t know, so by taking advantage of livestreaming, there’s something different every day.

What are your feelings about SFV currently, and what would you like to see next from Capcom?

This is the most balanced it’s ever been, and I’m satisfied with the state it’s in. And the new characters, Seth and Gill, are good. Having the V-Skill 2 option is nice, and the game has opened up, allowing a wider range of gameplay. I hope they keep going in this direction.

Are there any matches you feel you need to work on more?

I need to work on my strategies for rarer characters, but I’ve got the common characters pretty much covered.

Who do you feel are the top 5 strongest characters in sfv right now?

Urien, Kolin, Akuma, Guile, and Seth (in no particular order). I think Urien is the strongest.

Which players are you excited to fight in the Capcom Pro Tour tournament and why?

I’ve been playing other Japanese players online every day, so I’m looking forward to playing players from America and Europe, as well as the other countries in Asia.

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