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Nearly a month into 2010 and the gaming portion of the world is off to a good start wih great reviews of recent releases of Bayonetta and Army Of Two: The 40th Day to name a couple. Oh, but it doesn’t end there my friends, there’s a whole year of huge releases to look forward to in 2010 and i’m going to take this opportunity to point out this years releases that i’m personally looking forward to (in no particular order) and why they’re on my radar.


Bayonetta: I was a late-coming Devil May Cry fan                                          since the first one i played was DMC4 but th     at was enough to catch my attention and when i first played the Bayonetta demo late last year it reminded me alot of DMC (especially since it was the same team working on both), which was enough to make me want to buy the game as soon as possible.


Army Of Two: The 40th Day: Since the first Army Of Two i’ve always wanted to play it and i just recently got that chance and am currently towards the end of my first playthrough of it and i already can’t wait for the chance to play the sequel, its a great shooter with very customisable weapons and as hectic as a bull in a china shop and i can only imagine the sequel being the same if not better.


Mass Effect 2: I can’t explain it, i bought mass effect 1 in the summer of last year and for some reason, its seen a fare share of neglect on my shelf, but with the looming sequel 8 days away, that will soon change, as soon as i’m done with army of two, mass effect is going in and staying in until i finish it and i get Mass Effect 2.


Bioshock 2: Sadly Bioshock also falls under the  category of Did not finish but i did enjoy playing it from the hacking to the array of body manipulating plasmids along with my favourite parts fighting against the big daddies, considering that Bioshock 2 has you play AS a big daddy, i’ve been looking forward to it for a while.


Deadrising 2: It’s no secret that i’m now a fan of zombie games, after my review of left 4 dead 2 praising it in all areas and also became a fan of resident evil 5 and of course the orginal deadrising, its just so original as it was the first zombie game that was literally an infestation and i loved it and i still do, i wouldnt be surprised if i went back to willamette before the deadrising 2 release to hype myself up for it.


Halo: Reach: In all honesty, Halo was the reason i bought the original xbox, although i didn’t like it at first and now everytime a Halo title is released i get it the day it comes out, even halo 3 when i went to the midnight opening of gamestop on the night of my 18th birthday and Reach will be no different. Although i hope it would focus on the story of “The Fall Of Reach” novel that still won’t defer me from playing it.


Crackdown 2: If asked, “How did you get into the first Crackdown?”, I’ll be the first to admit, “I got it free with the Halo 3 beta”, which is essentially it’s highest selling point, but i was pleasantly surprised when i realised how fun and innovative Crackdown actually was and i have high expectations of the sequel , now if anything was to come free with the Crackdown 2 beta i’d gladly pick it up before release.


Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver: Being a long time pokemon fan of both the games and the anime and most recently the manga, its a given that i’d want to play the remakes of one of my favourite generations of the game, set three years after the original and the firered/leafgreen remakes set in the johto region with old favourites returning, i know this will be my DS game of the year.


Splinter Cell: Conviction: Although i’m not really a fan of Sam Fischer and the splinter cell series, everytime a new splinter cell comes out, i think to myself, “Splinter Cell does look fun, this time i actually will buy it”, i havent played splinter cell since the original back in the glory days of the PS2 and have yet to pick it up since although i tried the double agent demo but didnt enjoy it i’m hoping that Conviction will convert my views……if its ever released that is.


Fable 3: Fable 1 and 2 also fall under the category of games i loved and have yet to finish, i always find myself drawn to games of blades, magic and magic blades of course bar world of warcraft, i’m interested to see how the rumored NATAL functionality will work alongside it.


Heavy Rain: Although i dont own a PS3 i’m looking forward to heavy rain  as much as any of these other titles as i loved “Farenheit” or “The Indigo Prophecy”, it was a great game and very intense and i’m looking forward to the game thats being coined as the second farenheit and if you havent seen the casting tech demo i suggest you do as it looks great, has great voice acting and sets the mood for the game and it wasn’t even the final product.






NATAL: Speaking of project NATAL, i’m looking forward to it and seeing what kind of reception it recieves although i’d probably hardly use it. I’m looking forward to testing the AI of the likes of Milo to check the limits he’s extended to.




That seems to be all my games of the year that i can come up with off the top of my head, let me know if you think i missed anything important and i hope that you all have as good a gaming year that i will.



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