Burnout: Crash coming next month

Burnout: Crash coming next month


EA have been a little weird with the release date for upcoming downloadable only title: Burnout: Crash. First it was Fall 2011, then Winter 2011, now it seems to be August 2011. No matter what, the game is coming next month and can be played using Kinect on Xbox 360.

The game is essentially the beloved Crash mode from previous Burnout titles. Criterion always had it on their mind to make this title a downloadble only one. The game may look like your typical blow s%^t up but it is a cleverly crafted physics puzzle game. Burnout:: Crash features 18 crash junctions in 6 locations. The game also continues the famed Autolog. This will be the first time Autolog is used outside of the Need For Speed franchise.

The game hasn’t come without controversy with fans of Burnout feeling angry and disappointed in the title. Either way they will finally see how good it is next month.

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