2K Games Announces Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution

Gearbox and 2K just had to come out with the truth. Since last week there was lots of rumours going around about new downloadable content for the amazingly fun loot driven RPS (Role Playing Shooter) Borderlands. When they released a patch on the P, games began digging into the code and pretty much found this new content out before 2K even had a chance to say it was coming.

For days they were trying to avoid it but it seems they can’t anymore. The new content puts the vault hunters in the middle of a battle between the claptrap revolution and Hyperion Corporation.

The DLC is set to have more than 20 missions, 10 skill points, 3 new backpack slots among other things. The game is set to be released in September for 800 Microsoft Points or $10 on the PSN.

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