Metro Redux Review

The Metro games came almost out of nowhere a couple of years ago from developers 4a Games and publishers THQ. Based on the novels of Dmitry Glukhovsky, Metro 2033 was a rather surprise hit but had a number of flaws. A couple of years later, a much better sequel called Metro: Last Light launched that brought with it a bunch of improvements. While the PC version looked significantly better, the console versions lacked some of the nice visual features. However, 4a Games have taken both games, tweaked them up and have made Metro Redux. Is it just another port though? Definitely not.

Don’t call Metro Redux a port; Doing so would be a huge disservice to just how much work has gone into Metro Redux. The game brings with it visual and gameplay improvements from the games that released before it, most for the better. Straight from the beginning, you are given a choice to play through in survival mode – which is a slower, more harsh gameplay that will remind players of the harder gameplay of Metro 2033. The other choice is Spartan Mode which ups the gameplay pace, ammo, and action.

This is a nice little feature as it allows you to pick your style of play. Metro 2033 and Last Light feel slightly different in its delivery and the Redux makes the game feel more consistent across both games. Features like wiping your gas mask is now available across both game which is subtle but it is those little touches that make both games feel together.

Metro 2033 Redux has seen the more substantial upgrade with the entire game being ported over to the Last Light engine. This greatly improves details and lighting which makes some scenes look rather different and always for the better. There have been other enhancements like new sections that help link levels together as well as small encounter changes and introductions.

metro-redux-preview-2For those that have already played through Metro 2033 will find some rather nice differences in Metro 2033 Redux. It may seem like a simple port on current-gen console but there a large number of changes to the game that makes it a sometimes different experience. It’s still largely the same game but the changes like the new engine, as well as the gameplay enhancements will be a welcome introduction for fans who want to jump back into the dank, miserable metro of Moscow.

Metro: Last Light Redux has seen less changes. As it only released last year, the most changes have really been visually from a standpoint of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions. Last Light is still definitely the better of the two Metro games that allow you to freely explore the outdoor areas of Moscow more. Some of the vistas and locations are beautiful in the dankest sense as the surface is void of any life really, apart from the monsters.

If you’ve never played either of the Metro games, the Moscow Metro is one of the most atmospheric setting you’ll find in any game available. Both games are incredible shooter adventures that are diverse and captures you from the moment you start it up. The desperate world you live in is on the verge of extinction. Your story pits you as the saviour in this world that seems to have no future.

It is worth mentioning that Metro: Last Light Redux includes all of the DLC which some of is surprisingly good. For the rather cheap price you are getting two of the best single-player shooters that have released in the last few years. From the pacing, to the challenge, to even replaying the game with the different modes, Metro Redux offers multiple ways to play. With all the big, new releases coming this year, the Moscow Metro will be one of the best places you will visit (or revisit) for its desolate landscape and the sense of hope where there should be none – all told in a truly captivating story.


  • Not just a standard port
  • Two of the most atmospheric games in years
  • Different modes allow for multiple playthroughs with different styles
  • Tells a unique story


  • Some small pacing issues


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