Forza Motorsport 6 Review

We’ve been seen Forza games year after year for a while now and even by looking at the releases sitting on a shelf you might think that Forza Motorsport 6 is the same as all the others. While it may feature a lot of what could be found in previous games, it changes things enough and adds enough to make this the greatest racing game ever.

It’s amazing what developer Turn 10 has managed to do in less than two years on the same hardware going from Forza Motorsport 5 to Forza Motorsport 6. Visually it looks better in almost every department and detail is almost staggering.

The game features 460 cars that have all been meticulously crafted into works of art. From the little cars you would see on your way to the supermarket to the ones only seen in dreams, they’ve all been handled with the same care and attention to detail that is frankly astoundingly impressive.

But it’s on the road that this game becomes perfection. Racing around the same tracks in roughly the same cars for a few years now should get stale and old but there’s just so much variation and fine-tuning in every single Forza Motorsport game that it pulls you right back in. It doesn’t hurt that the game is visually mesmerising.

The visuals are helped by night racing and rain both making its debut in the Forza Motorsport series. Both of these are static meaning that they never transition or change from race to race but its static nature actually makes it better. This gave the developers the time to craft its effect son gameplay rather than run random systems hoping it would possibly create a better experience. They could guarantee the changes that it would cause when playing the game. Changing your race line can be surprisingly challenging and fun.

Forza6Apex_Announce_01_WMThings have been improved off the track too with the career feeling like you’re actually progressing. It’s great to have a lot of content to enjoy but without direction, it can feel overwhelming. That was the feeling I got playing Forza Motorsport 5. It was a sense that I could never do everything because I never felt like I was going anywhere. In Forza Motorsport 6, I feel progression in every race in a series.

Progression and variation is also felt when you level up. A board of different rewards flash in front of you and when you press a button, it will randomly select one of them that can be money, cars, or mods.

These mods are Forza Motorsport 6’s secret bit of magic to keep things feeling fun and fresh. You can buy packs of them or earn them but they change the scenario to a race to earn rewards. You may get a percent extra of earnings but can only use a certain car view or get better grip but sacrifice something else. It makes racing on the same track over and over again almost feel brand new. Couple that with rain and it’s like something new entirely.

There’s a large list of things to love about Forza Motorsport 6 from the accessibility for newcomers to the true tuning for the hardcore to everything between. The large list of cars available to great variety of tracks and weather conditions, it could go on all day. If you don’t think you’re good at car games but want to play them, Forza Motorsport 6 is for you. Play with all assists off and want a challenge, this game is for you. Want  . . . Well I hope you get the idea. Forza Motorsport 6 is the racing king.


  • 460 Cars meticulously crafted
  • Large number of tracks
  • Mods and weather


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