Dragon Quest Heroes Review

Dragon Quest is one of the most beloved Japanese Role Playing Game series that has lasted 25 years. So it must be scary for every fan to hear that instead of a full-fledged JRPG on consoles, the characters and world has been handed off to the Dynasty Warriors team to make a Dynasty Warriors-style game. Don’t fear though because even though it’s a spin-off game, it’s in fact, really good!

So if you’ve never really played a any Dynasty Warriors games, it’s a hack and slash on massive maps where it usually is a game of tug of war with the team who can take out the enemy’s generals quickly likely making an advantage pushing forward. This type of map occurs a fair bit in Dragon Quest Heroes but it also features missions where you must defend a certain thing. This is when the new aspect makes things feel a bit better.

As you defeat monsters, some of them will drop coins. These coins can be picked up and then dropped to fight for you. Whenever you drop it, they will stand where you dropped them and take out enemies. The game will essentially turn into a tower defence game every now and then and dropping these monster minions to fight for you will help protect lanes. You can drop some minions in one lane while you take control of the other one to take out all the enemies on their way to take out the thing you have to protect.

dragon-quest-heroesThe story is all right but nothing spectacular. The special thing in the story is that it brings in  a lot of the fan’s favourites over the entire series.This brings some characters into 3D for the first time and even the first time with voices. They have brought all the characters together to a world called Arba where monsters and humans live in harmony but a darkness comes that releases the spell that stopped the monsters from attacking and now they have gone on a rampage. You play as a team of chosen that has been tasked with removing the darkness form the land. It’s not an excellent story but there are enough cut-scenes and story to satisfy fans.

The gameplay is simple but incredibly fun and leveling makes it incredibly addicting. Even if you only have a few combos at the beginning, you can soon switch characters that have drastically different attacking styles to mix things up as you complete the 30 or so hour game. The incremental leveling up just make you want to keep going.

Visually, the game is beautiful and runs incredibly well. The art style stays true to the source material and definitely makes it easier to stay in the world. It only makes you wish that there was a full-fledged Japanese Role Playing series based on the visuals of Dragon Quest Heroes.

It’s so much fun to play that don’t be surprised to see this become a new series and I for one would be happy to see a sequel. Gameplay feels smooth and being able to level up somehow makes a massive difference to the loop to keep you going. Repetitive? Sure. Incredibly fun? Oh yeah!


  • Treats the IP with respect
  • Beautiful art design
  • Addicting gameplay loop


  • Sometimes descends into tower defence game


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