DeadCore Review

I feel for the indie developers out there that have been working so hard, be it in a small team in an office of just by themselves to release a game in the next few weeks. The big-budget games will be getting all the attention while they fight to get any recognition. Sometimes, those games that come out around the busy season in the indie scene are released and never heard of again, it’s the unfortunately fate of the business. I, for one, hope DeadCore defies my fears as it’s one of the hardest games to put down in some time.

I’m going to tell a quick little story before I get into this game’s features and how it plays. I have been reviewing a lot of games in the past two weeks, more than a dozen in fact so my time is very limited to getting into games and thorugh them just enough to review them. It can feel like a slog, especially if you don’t like a game. I originally had tasked myself two hours to get the first session in of Deadcore before jumping back into Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and The Evil Within. I played for four hours straight and just couldn’t stop playing the game.

Deadcore is a mix between first-person platforming and shooting in an old-school arcade feel as fast reactions will ultimately lead to success. The aim of the game is simple: You must get to the top of the tower. You will have to overcome turrets, attacking boxes and more to get to the top as well as overcome obstacles and platforming puzzles. This all sounds rather generic but the gameplay itself is so precise that satisfaction is a regular occurance.

The margin for error in deadcore is minimal. As you glide around, jumping on platforms, a couple of feet in another direction and you are respawning a ways back. Overcoming those obstacles is satisfying and the desire to push on persists even when frustration creeps up on you.

You will aspire to improve your time and a speedrun mode is available for each level once you beat it which is perfect as you can feel like this is what the game was made for: Seeing impressive videos hit YouTube of people completing the toughest of levels flawlessly. Deadcore is definitely a game to look for on PC if you love that old-school fast-paced movement and speed. It’s simple in its delivery but excellent in its execution


  • Nice visuals
  • Great sense of movement


  • Easily losing concentration leads to failure
  • Some punishing moments of frustration


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