Cities: Skylines Review

Building a virtually city can be really hard. Pleasing so many people, expanding, and then still turning a profit all while you must make sure services are running adequately, health is good, water, garbage, and even traffic is all running well. There’s a lot to Cities: Skylines. There’s also nothing new either. While Cities Skylines doesn’t reinvent the wheel with its content and features, that’s possibly the best thing it could have done; at least, for now.

People are starving for a good city builder. After the atrocious launch and even troubles afterward, Sim City never lived up to expectations. But what were expectations? One of them was bigger maps to create bigger cities and although it will take quite a while to get there, you can create massive cities.

It’s tough to keep everyone happy in cities that house hundreds of thousands of people but the introduction and implementation of districts is simple but incredibly effective. Districts allow you to break up your city and employ different policies and even taxes. You can use this to utilise the cities resources and more. It’s simplicity is what makes it so effective.

If you’ve played the most recent Sim City then a lot of the game will look very familiar from zoning areas to even its aesthetics but while the visuals aren’t on par with EA’s creation, the sheer scale makes up for it.

cities skylines after darkCities: Skylines is the city builder everyone has been waiting for but why? Simply, because it works. The game runs offline totally fine, it allows massive cities, cities don’t crumble overnight if things go wrong and there’s always something more to enjoy and build towards.

The developers have already began supporting the game post launch but the inclusion and integration of Steam’s Workshop ensures there’ll always be plenty of content. If problems arise or a feature can be streamlined, chances are it will feature on the workshop. The workshop already has plenty of fixes as well as plenty of fun side-content to enjoy should you want a break from the base game. It’s something that can continue to build and grow for years, increasing the fun and longevity.

The biggest flaw in Cities: Skylines is its lack of ambition. There are no natural disasters or crisis to deal with. Everything remains rather smooth. The visual design of the buildings are quite generic and there seemed to be a little apprehension about putting some personality into the game. Hopefully with the proven commercial success already, the developers can be a little more creative down the road as well as the imaginative stuff already created by other players.

Cities: Skylines creates an incredible, fun, game by simply working like you want it to. That doesn’t mean you should discredit the developers because everything I wanted to work does and everything I expected to be included is. The scale of the cities is so impressive that you will work extra hard to get there and even just getting there is just so much fun.


  • Allows you to build massive cities
  • District tool allows better management
  • the gradual progression feels satisfying


  • No disasters or massive challenges


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