Arslan: The Warriors of Legend Review

Omega Force have been churning our similar games for a very long time now. There was time though when the simplistic but addicting gameplay really started to wear thin. Believe it or not though in 2016, I have played two similar Omega Force games that I’ve really liked.

After Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and The Blight Below I was all but considering that this was the exception but here I am a few months later stating my enjoyment for Arslan: The Warriors of Legend. For those unaware, Arslan is a popular manga and anime that has a massive history and a lot of that is present in the game’s story mode.

The story mode is surprisingly packed with cut-scenes, development, and lore. Characters are distinctive and don’t be surprised if you find yourself both lost in the story and lost in general. Even though the structure has been done well enough, especially given the gameplay but there is a lot to take in and the developers knew this as an encyclopedia is featured on the main menu. This does the best it can to break down characters, plot points and more.

The structure of the story mode in terms of gameplay isn’t incredible. Most missions break down into going to a point on the map and taking out certain enemies or supporting allies. It isn’t exciting really and never diverges from its safe path which is disappointing.

What isn’t disappointing though is the moment to moment gameplay. If you’ve played any other similar game by Omega Force then you know exactly what to expect. However the gameplay itself has never felt so smooth. Characters and attacks flow with grace thanks to the tight controls and brilliant animations.

The game also includes a card collecting system. These cards are dropped by certain enemies on that battlefield and are used to boost your character’s stats. You can then Arslan_Battle_5 up to ten of them and depending on those card’s stats it will create a special card that may do things that regular cards can’t.

The game also includes a Free Mode that is possibly the game’s best mode. It includes all scenarios from the campaign as well as a few bonus ones and this mode allows you to utilise any of the main characters that are used in the Story Mode. What makes this more enjoyable is the fact that these characters feel distinctive and have wildly different Co tool schemes. You have your standard melee and ranged characters that use swords and bow and arrows respective but some of the most interesting characters I’ve ever played in the genre are present here including a guy who uses a magic paint brush the attack enemies at a short distance as well as plant traps on the ground around him.

I’ve never played a musou game that is as fluid and satisfying as Arslan: The Warriors of Legend.  The game also features split-screen and online co-op that enhances that simple but fun gameplay. If you’re interested in hack and slash games whatsoever then this one is incredibly hard to put down.


  • Fluid gameplay
  • Diverse controllable characters
  • Plenty to do


  • Story and lore can be overwhelming
  • Jaggy edges takes away from aesthetic


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