Review: Sniper Elite V2: Nazi Zombie Army

Review: Sniper Elite V2: Nazi Zombie Army

nazi zombie army coverSniper Elite V2 released last year and sold reasonably well but developers Rebellion weren’t finished just yet. In what is certainly known as an unoriginal move in terms of expansions, they have decided to go with waves and waves of nazi zombies. Instead of  survival on a multiplayer styled map, Rebellion made an entire campaign out of it. The result is equal parts surprisingly fun and repetitive.

You start the beginning of Nazi Zombie army (which by the way is the most unoriginal name for an expansion every, but it does tell you what the game is right there), by walking a road where a couple of zombies are occupied. As this is based on Sniper Elite V2, you naturally take out your sniper rifle and pick them off headshot after headshot. Then you walk around a couple of corners and at least half a dozen of them start shuffling their way toward you, with every second getting uncomfortably close. You then resort to your SMG to take them down or even keep your sniper out if you’re that good.

nazi zombie army screenshot 1

Then you get to your first siege moment. Waves and waves of zombies make their way to you as you’re hold up in a building. With only a few seconds to prepare, you plant mines, throw grenades and hold down on your SMG trigger. It is then you forget that you’re playing what is essentially an expansion to a sniper game as you scuttle around looking for more ammo and grenades.

Despite having the name, you won’t spend all, or even most of your time using your sniper rifle. Instead you will choose a gun with a much faster fire rate, especially in some of the frequent sieges. These sieges may be quiet surprising to players wanting a slower paced zombies shooter, a bit like DayZ but it may be best to see this game like a zombies mode like in Call of Duty but with some slower moments as you make your way through the levels as it is still a single-player campaign.

nazi zombie army screenshot 2

The single-player campaign is actually surprisingly fun, provided you decide to jump online with other players. The beginning of the game is just fine to play by yourself as you get used to the mechanics, enemy types and even their animations if you want to pull of successful headshots. However, after an hour or two, it can get a little monotonous and grind on. Play online however, and that tedium diminishes and in front of you is an incredibly fun co-op shooter.

Nazi Zombie Army is a stand-alone expansion and considering it’s only a tenner, it’s very hard to tell you that I was expecting more. For the price, you get a great looking game, fun gameplay with friends and sniping zombies in the head, what more could you want. If you’re looking for a fun distraction that’s worth your time and money, look no further than this.

SCORE: 7.2/10

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