Behind the Scenes trailer released for GET EVEN

Behind the Scenes trailer released for GET EVEN

GET EVEN is looking to be a fascinating First Person Shooter experience and Bandai Namco have released a brand new Behind The Scenes video about the storywriters of the game.

Iain and Stephen know how to create an emotional response and confuse people. “Once we had the basic narrative structure in place, it just became about the control of information to create a hopefully intriguing mystery. A big part of the process was working out the best way to ‘drip feed’ the story – figuring out what we could reveal and when” says Stephen Long. And Iain Sharkey adds “The idea of guiding people through a narrative experience is something we’re well versed in, with all the elements that brings, such as subtle manipulation of choice and agency, to achieve a desired effect. I cannot wait for players to experience how unique Get Even is. I truly believe that Get Even offers something fresh and exciting. There’s a real sense of mystery in its DNA, and the idea of experiencing something in which a player honestly has no idea what’s coming next, is something that I hope will become a talking point when people play the game

GET EVEN launches on May 26th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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