Interview with VooFoo Studios talking Pure Pool

Recently I got the chance to ask VooFoo Studios (the development team behind the amazing Hustle Kings) a few questions about their next pool venture: Pure Pool.

WIN! A copy of Watch_Dogs Dedsec Edition

Thanks to the incredible people at Ubisoft, Game-Smack has a copy of Watch_Dogs Dedsec edition to give away to one lucky reader.

Preview: The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II

The first Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing was a pleasant surprise. Releasing just after the disappointing launch of Diablo III, Neocore Games had the opportunity to capitalise on the fans angry at Blizzard for their decisions by bringing a different spin on the genre. The pretty cool aesthetic of steampunk and Victorian coupled with a slight twist on gameplay and snarky dialogue made it a sur...[Read More]

Ryse: Son of Rome – Mars Chosen Impressions

Ryse: Son of Rome wasn’t the massive hit Microsoft were hoping with critics been mostly luke-warm to the title. It feels like a launch game, something you will show your friends and family to show the power of these new systems. Eventually, you’ll finish the game and move on. Microsoft and Crytek are hoping that won’t be the case with the release of a season pass and now its second DLC pack.  Whil...[Read More]

Opinion: My Disappointment with Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow released last week and I decided to give it a good spin over the weekend to conclude the story of Gabriel Belmont. I finished Lords of Shadow 2 in two sittings, one lasting 13 hours. I was really excited and I finally had some free time to sink my teeth into a game (only pun this article, promise). Now here I am, Monday morning and I feel like I wasted my weekend. I co...[Read More]

Beta Impressions and Preview: Titanfall

We’ve been hearing the hype since last year with only a small number of people having actually tried Titanfall but with the beta that just ended, hundreds of thousands, if not millions have finally got their grubby little hands on Respawn’s mech battling online shooter and outlook is good, very good indeed. The beta launched late last week for Xbox One and PC with an invite only beta. As the beta ...[Read More]

Impressions: Ryse: Son of Rome Multiplayer (Coliseum Pack)

Ryse: Son of Rome is one of the more divisive titles to come form the launch of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Some people hated the title, describing it as boring and repetitive while others have been more favourable about it. I definitely fall on the more favourable side of the game. I have actually played this game more than any other next-gen title online. I’m sure some of you are wonde...[Read More]

Branching Dialogue: Titanfall (12 Angry Gamers)

On this week’s Branching Dialogue, I talk about the criticism Respawn’s Titanfall has been facing following the announcement that the game will feature 6 V 6 multiplayer. A lot of people seem to think that bigger is always better. Probably not.

ATTENTION: Want to write for Game-Smack?

After essentially being the lonely lighthouse keeper for the last four years; having the occasional visitor has been nice but it’s time to have more people move into the lighthouse with me, or move out of the lighthouse to a house, or . . . OK so this analogy hasn’t gone according to plan but what I am saying is: Game-Smack is growing in a major way and I need to to help that happen. W...[Read More]

A little message from Game-Smack Ireland

It’s getting kind of weird just how regularly these short end of year messages are feeling. It’s hard to believe that this site is almost four years old now. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t think I was going to have an end of year message to write this year simply because this site almost ceased to exist this year. There was a time earlier this year when I was thinking of packin...[Read More]

My top 10 Games of 2013

2013 was a year of great games; there were plenty, in fact. Unfortunately, there were no absolute standouts but I mean unfortunately in a way that shouldn’t matter. We should always have diverse opinions and 2013 is like that more than possibly any other year. These aren’t the best games of the year to me. It’s the ones that stood out most to me and ones I enjoyed thoroughly even if they may have ...[Read More]

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