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Second Big Annoucement: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2

I know what you’re thinking, “Wait I thought he died at the end of the first one?”. Yeah well so did I  but I was wrong. The first one was a lot of fun but just fell short on many people’s expectations. It seems as though you have more of a choice to be good or bad as Yoda talks to you throughout the trailer. I personally enjoyed the first one so I’m happy about ...[Read More]

First Big Announcement from VGA’s: Batman Arkam 2

  Yes you heard it, Batman is back already. People at the Spike VGA’s were greeted with a giant present on stage like the presents you saw in Batman Arakam Asylum. Nothing else is known at this moment. We’ll have a video or more news as soon as we find out more information. Notice: Thie next day of posts will be short and sweet to keep you up to date with the Spike Video Game Awar...[Read More]

Reminder: Spike’s Video Game Awards 2009 Tonight

digg_url = 'http://game-smack.squarespace.com/journal/2009/12/12/reminder-spikes-video-game-awards-2009-tonight.html'; <---- Digg for an award nomination UPDATE: Geoff Keighly has promise one of the biggest premiers in the first five minutes of the show the will go down in history, don't miss it. The snow is falling, fire burning and hot chocolate in your hand, that only means one thing: it...[Read More]

Retro Lookback: Destruction Derby 1&2 (PS1)

  digg_url = 'http://game-smack.net/journal/2009/12/8/retro-lookback-destruction-derby-12-ps1.html'; <----- Digg for handbrake  To celebrate 15 years of Sony's Playstation 1 I went remenising in that tiny head of mine. Remembering the day I got the PS1. The world of 3d gaming was still brand new and pretty pricey. To think that my father payed £300 for it but it was worth it ...[Read More]

Dead Space 2 Announced

  digg_url = 'http://game-smack.net/journal/2009/12/8/dead-space-2-announced.html'; <---- Digg to necro-morph! Please tell me what do you see? a butterfly? a doorway? maybe something more sinister? Necromorphs you say, hmmm interesting. Well was it any surprise since last year when the original was received by critical acclaim. Unfortunately the sales weren't as good as EA may have hop...[Read More]

Mass Effect 2 Coming With 2 Discs

    digg_url = 'http://www.game-smack.net/journal/2009/12/4/mass-effect-2-coming-with-2-discs.html'; <---- Digg or be sent on a suicide mission. Utter the words, "Mass", and, "Effect", to me and you'll see a grown man turn into an 11 year old girl at a Jonas Brothers Concert, wait, yeah I don't know who they are either. I would begin with shouting and possibly a little water leaki...[Read More]

New Brink Gameplay and a Fall in Release Date

  digg_url = 'http://www.game-smack.net/journal/2009/12/3/new-brink-gameplay-and-a-fall-in-release-date.html'; <----- Digg for instant Health Boost.   Splash Damage and Bethesda have kept Brink from prying eyes for months now and they've decided to bring Christmas early this year with a couple of gameplay videos. From the offset it looks like Killzone 2, then killing an enemy will r...[Read More]

How I Play Games: A little Pre-Emptive? (Jason)

  digg_url = 'http://game-smack.net'; <-- Please Digg. Will help our quest for world domination. It has come to my attention recently that I don't just play my games anymore, I analyse, suss and gather my expectations even before that disc hits the tray. Is this wrong? I mean, I remember just a few short years ago I couldn't wait to return home and stick the disc in the tray and play tha...[Read More]

Hands On: Bayonetta

      A couple of weeks back I had the chance to try out the opening levels of insane slasher Bayonetta. Lead designer Hideki Kamiya has created a game that plays and feels like that other game he created. Without beating around the bush, the game is Devil May Cry but the interesting thing is that it’s Devil May Cry on Acid. It’s like they played Devil May Cry and though...[Read More]

Quick Note: Unreal Development Kit Now Available

Ever want to use the Unreal Engine to create your own Bioshock or Gears of War but didn’t have the thousands of Euro to obtain the engine’s licence? Well today is every Game designers’s lucky day. Today the Unreal Devlopment Kit is now available for people to download for the pretty decent price of nothing, that’s right zilch, nada for a version of the Unreal Engine 3. This...[Read More]

Review: Brutal Legend

Tim Schafer is one of the greatest yet undervalued developers in gaming’s history. Schafer has been making some of the funniest and unique games for the last twenty years. The last of these games was physchonauts for the original Xbox in 2005. Like most of Schafer’s past projects it gained nothing more than cult status. That was of course until now. There are of course a few reasons wh...[Read More]

Surprise: Fable 3 will support Project Natal

Already fully behind the Project Natal product, Molyneux has announced that next Autumn’s RPG Fable 3 will support Project Natal. For people following Molyneux though they will see this announcement as no surprise what so ever. Fable 3 was announced at this year’s Gamescom in Cologne, Germany at the Xbox 360 press conference. Instead of the conference featuring many up and coming games...[Read More]

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