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Owner of Game-Smack, Jason plays everything that's possible. Goal of Game-Smack: Overhearing a stranger "Game-Smack? I've heard of that. It sucks!"

Jason’s Games of The Year 2009

    digg_url = 'http://game-smack.net/journal/2010/1/2/jasons-games-of-the-year-2009.html'; <------ Please digg to support us!   Well its that time of the year again where we make plans to change of our lives and have a new beginning. That is of course until the new year hangover kicks in and you're back to square one. Happy new year to our game-smackheads, ok I won't use that...[Read More]

Mass Effect 2 Achievements Posted

  digg_url = 'http://game-smack.net/journal/2009/12/22/mass-effect-2-achievements-posted.html'; <------Digg for Biotic Lift   Its simply no secret that I love Mass Effect and my real Gaming Christmas will be on January 29th when Mass Effect 2 will be released. The first games achievements were pretty difficult to get all 1000 gamerscore. Do you want to see what will be required to ...[Read More]

Lips: Number One Hits Review

  digg_url = 'http://game-smack.net/journal/2009/12/20/lips-number-one-hits-review.html'; <------ Digg this to save a puppy for Christmas   It's Christmas time again and instead of writing about big holiday games like Modern Warfare 2 or Assassins Creed or even Borderlands I thought I'd Share my views on a game that you probably missed this year. Lips: Number One Hits came out the ...[Read More]

Crackdown 2 Wants You To Blow S*it Up

It’s safe to say nobody though Crackdown would have been as much fun as it was when it was released in the Spring 2007. Bundled with the Halo 3 Beta everyone passed on thinking if the game was any good. The game simply made obsessive compulsors out of us all. The orb collecting was one of the most addictive aspects of any game I have ever played. The game was simply a lot of fun. Here is the...[Read More]

Spec Ops: The Line Gameplay Trailer

I said yesterday the trailer was pretty decent and now here it is for you to judge for yourself   Video Games | Spike TV VGAs 2009 | Spec Ops: The Line Exclusive Debut Trailer XBox 360 | Playstation 3 | Nintendo Wii

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 Reveal Trailer

The force is strong in this trailer but I’m still pretty sure the apprentice died in the first one. Well seems like II’ll just have to wait till 2010 to find out as all of you will too. forward to this game you looking?     Video Games | Spike TV VGAs 2009 | Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Exclusive Debut Trailer XBox 360 | Playstation 3 | Nintendo Wii

Medal of Honor Revival Trailer

After the success of the call of Duty franchise one of the originals, Medal of Honor was simply forgotten. The classic WW2 shooter was left behind. Now the franchise has returned it seems to have jumped on the modern warfare bandwagon and it seems pretty promising but will it defeat the CoD juggernaut? Only time will tell but until then here’s the debut trailer     Video Games | Sp...[Read More]

Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 Announcement Trailer

Rocksteady certainly mad a hit with Arkham Asylum. A game that was as good as it was surprising so it seems to make sense to get to work right away on a sequel. Apparantly Arkham has moved and you can find the trailer below   Video Games | Spike TV VGAs 2009 | Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 Exclusive Debut Trailer XBox 360 | Playstation 3 | Nintendo Wii

Halo: Reach New Trailer (in game-engine)

So you want to see the new Halo: Reach trailer with Spartans and an updated engine that looks pretty damn good? You looking forward to the beta in March? Want me to just Shut up and let the video talk for itself? OK enjoy my friends.   Video Games | Spike TV VGAs 2009 | Halo: Reach Exclusive In-Engine Debut XBox 360 | Playstation 3 | Nintendo Wii

Sarcastic woo!: Rockband: Green Day Announced

After the extremely sucessful Rock Band portraying one the greatest bands of all time who could they possibly pick? Green day? yeah right, but they went ahead and did it. It’ll be released in 2010 and thats all the news I have on it.

Spec Ops: The Line Revealed

At Spike’s VGA’s there’s more reveals than E3 it seems. Another shooter called Spec Ops: The Line. The game seems to a third person shooter set in a world where people didn’t listen about global warming. The trailer shows you shooting outside a skyscraper where a ot of things seems destructible. The game seems like a pretty decent game but that’s just on about 30 seco...[Read More]

True Crime Revived

Activision has decided to bring back one of its franchises: True Crime. This will be the third Gme in the franchise after True Crime: Streets of L.A. and True Crime: New York City. As of now the game is known solely as True Crime and al that it’s known is that the game wil take place in Hong Kong. True Crime is an open world game based on real places in the world. Best way to describe it wou...[Read More]

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