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The Battlefield series went from setting the standard in massive multiplayer map mayhems to losing itself in trying to chase the newest trend. This started to turn back in the right direction following the enjoyable Battlefield 1 but it’s only with Battlefield V where DICE have really brought the series back to its glory, even if it may not have been in the oven long enough. Battlefield V features...[Read More]

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Battlefield V

Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 Pass now available

Ubisoft have announced that the Year 4 pass for their competitive First Person Shooter Rainbow Six Siege is now available. 

YIIK: A Postmodern RPG release date announced for consoles and PC

After being revealed this weekend, the surreal Japanese Role Playing Game will be released next month.

Twisted cyberpunk shooter hits Early Access this week

2084, a new cyberpunk First Person Shooter is coming to Steam’s Early Access this week.

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